Test Prop and Tren Ace Cycle Help

this will be my third cycle my previous 2 cycles were just test Cyp, I had pretty good results from both. This will be my first time running tren ace and test prop. My height id 5’7" im 156Lb with 11% body fat.

Gear I have 2 bottle of test prop, and 1 bottle of tren ace.

I wanna run a low dosage cycle.

I planed on running the tren ace for 7 weeks at 50 EOD and the test Prop at 250 a week for 10 weeks. What Pct Do you recommend For this Cycle? also do you recommend I take anything els during the cycle, like a estrogen blocker? Also opions on Pin sites?? Please feel free to pick at this and give me as much advice as you can.

I’m not gonna say anything about your stats, especially considering you’ve already run 2 cycles… something just isn’t right.

Anyways, you clearly haven’t done any research. Go and actually research the compounds you’re asking about, as well as proper protocols.