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Test Prop and Test Enanthate

I’m looking to start a cycle of Test Prop and Test E. I’m 25 been training for 7 years and have used steroids in the past but want to go to the extra level.

What dosage would be best when kick starting with Prop and running Enanthate all suggestions would be helpful.

How tall are you and how much do you weigh? And what do you mean as far as the next level? How much of each do you have? And also, how long do you want to run it for?

I’m 5’11 and weigh 13.3stone (does it matter) … by the next level I mean I want to put size on and gain strength…

Anyway I’ve decided against using prop to kickstart I’m just going to frontload the test E in the first week to try and raise my blood levels quicker. Any thoughts on this? Will it work? I have 30ml of test E 250 so should last for atleast 12 week course at 500/pw

It’s up to you, but you could frontload with 1000mg TE and still use the prop till it’s gone. You should have something on hand for possible gynecomastia, just in case. I’m very partial to prop. It works very well for me and I don’t have issues with injecting. Also, look into your PCT otherwise you’ll lose a lot of what you gained. You lose some no matter what. Again though, I really think you should wait a couple years. But I’m your parent so…

25 isn’t too bad to start I suppose. I mixed you up with another post. I thought you were 20. Lol. Enjoy.

Thanks for the reply I will look into sorting my ai and pct this week. Just one more question if you can help … when frontloading test E do I take the 1000mg for the first week in the same day or throughout the week I.e Monday 250 Wednesday 250 Friday 250 Sunday 250 ?? Then start my course as normal 500pw

Test e can be preloaded 1 or 2x per week. If it was me, I’d take 500 Sunday, 500 Wednesday, then start normal dosing every sunday, wednesday from then on. Normal being 250mg 2x/wk… I don’t like pinning once a week. I 've heard levels are more balances if it’s done 2x/wk…

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It really doesn’t matter, you could break it up or do it in one day. How much prop do you have? You could inject your test E as you normally would and use 2-3cc prop every day or other day until it’s gone. The prop you’ll feel within’ hours. Enan you’ll feel in 3-5 days.

I’m not going to use the prop that’s why I’m frontloading the test E. thanks for the replies, appreciated

Why are so rushed? Upping slowlly is safier. This front load thing increases the sides, the ones you could get away if increasing the dose slowlly. What counts is consistence, if you want a great body you need consistence in all areas, but we r talking about steroids, right, so… example… doing 300mg/ test for 12 months is much better than doing 900mg for 3 months… and much safier too… but its your choice… This thing you are about to do is a great omeostasis breakdown… good luck man!

You are shutdown at any dose, so PCT requirements do not change.

E2 levels are proportional to T dose. So you will have an increased AI requirement.

Front loading really does nothing but spike E2.

You should know what you are going to do for PCT and why, and have materials on hand. Don’t be another disaster case.

What do you mean by I am shutdown by any dose? & i thought frontloading raised blood levels quicker for the longer esters …?

I have pinned 1000mg just for this week going to drop it to 500 per week from now on … was going to use clomid for pct at the end of the cycle would u recommend this?

Ideally HCG would be involved with your PCT on some level. And you should have something on hand NOW in case you’re prone to gyno.

He was referencing HPTA shutdown (natural production) that’s why you need PCT gear on hand.

That’s fine to use. Please read the link below for a good example for PCT.

I am starting to get spots on my shoulders and back I think due to the 1000mg frontloading I did for the first week. Lowered the dose to 500 per week now will the spots fade away soon? Also my sex drive seems low (not how I expected it to be whilst on test e) could this be due to high Estrogen levels? I have adex ready what dosage would you recommend?