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Test Prop and Deca?

hey jus started on a testosterone propionate @100 mg every other day

im only runnin it 3 weeks cause im poor and stupid but im gonan add in deca starting this first week.

i took 1 shot so far.for my first cycle do u think its okay to add the deca in like after 3 shots of the test and also how much deca should i run wiht the test

ps the propionate is suposed to hurt and be sore for liek 2 days ryte cause at 1 point i was limping could barely walk

Deca has a half life of like 2 weeks, so no, it wouldn’t be wise to run them together. Throw some dbol in with it or something.

so wont that just hold my gains ? liek will anyhtign bad happen?

so watll happen wont the deca help hold my gains…will i get deca dick??lol

I think you need to do some reading on deca.

There will not be a decent ammount of deca built up in your system untill after your 3 week test run. Deca without test will be very suppressive.

like I said, get some dbol or something, or just run the test alone.


Am I reading this correctly? 3 weeks of prop and then run deca?

No i said run the deca wiht the test for 3 weeks

Deca should not be used with anything unless it can be ran for at least 2 months minimum. Also 3 week cycles are only effective if you do them right; which usually means proportional mega dosages since the duration is so short.

Something like 150mgProp and 100mg TrenAce ED for a relative newbie-intermediate. Double those dosages if you’ve done more than 4 cycles. Personally I prefer the classic 10-12 weeker

i figured it out im doing 75 mg a dose of prop to make it last longer witht he deca and i might split another bottle of prope and share the deca wiht a freind


First off, i hope english is not your first language, because trying to read your post’s is like attempting to translate hieroglyphs. slow down and type coherent sentences that don’t look like a 7 year old generated them.

Second of all, you have not acknowledged any of the advice given to this point, and now you are going to drop the dose a whopping 25 mg EOD to make your prop last longer!!! you’ll get a grand total of roughly 13-14 shots, or another 7-8 days…waste of fucking time.

Listen to what people are telling you and lose the deca.

  • Deca should not be run only 3 weeks, unless you have the NPP version…i bet you don’t even know what npp is.

  • There is no problem running prop and deca together if your duration and shot frequency is correct…but in general, long esters with long esters, and short with short. you are mixing long and short and running it for too brief of a duration…like 10 weeks too short.

  • Pick up some d-bol and take maybe 30-40 mg ED with your prop. Or just continue with the prop only.

  • Read a bit about the shit you are putting in your body before you go start your next half assed attempt at a cycle…you don’t do them on the fly…it requires up front planning.

what if i do the deca at like 5 weeks when i split another prop wich will make that last longer too…all i wana noe is if somehign bad will happen if i do wat i wana…thats it i dun need a paragraph about how i type on the computer …im only 135 pounds but a good size…so how much shytdo i rele need to pump into me…simple answers please

135 lb?
are you like 4’7" or something?

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