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Test Prop and Dbol First Cycle

Hi all, I would like some additional views and such on my first planned cycle.

Stats and history

Age- 21 (young I know, regardless I will be doing a cycle soon)

training history- 4 years solid training (proper/clean nutrition included), competed in one bodybuilding competition

weight/bf%- started 4 years ago 165lbs bf% unknown (higher then 15%), now 199lbs 15% bf

cycle goals- gain 10lbs of lean, (getting ok gains but want to speed up the process)

cycle proposal (8 week cycle)
wk 1-4- dbol 3x10mg/day
wk 1-8- test prop 500mg/wk
week 8- Nolva 2x20mg/day
week 9-11 Nolva 20mg/day

other general questions

  1. if I wanted to inject twice a week, when should I do this? (have 250mg/ml test prop)
  2. planning to start PCT 3 days after last injection, is this too soon?

You have to pin at least EOD with prop

[quote]GotStrength wrote:
You have to pin at least EOD with prop[/quote]

so mon,wed,friday for example?

That’s three times a week.

Make it easy for yourself and inject 0.5ml Mon,Weds,Fri,Sun every week. Also think about getting an AI, I know you are not using that higher dose of test but you dont know how prone to gyno and such your body is…