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Test Prop and DBol Cycle?

looking for good results for my first cycle. i am 26 years old, 5’8". i weigh 175 at a pretty low body fat (12-15ish).

wk1-12 : test prop 100mg/eod
wk1-6 : dianabol 25mg/ed
wk3-12 : letro .5mg/eod

then pct starts 4 days after last pin
clomid: 50/50/25/25
nolva 40/40/20/20

looking for good feedback. i only have letro, no adex. any tips on this? i regret buying it but i’m not going to spend extra money so i’d rather use what i already have. if there’s any other doses i should take the letro in, that would be very beneficial to hear. thanks!

Honestly, the big thing that popped out at me was your use of letrozole. Yeah sure you don’t want to spend more money…but that’s shitty excuse for using an inappropriate compound IMO.

Letro will stamp your estrogen into the dirt. Good luck with that. At least you can say ‘yeah but I saved some money’ when you can’t get your penis working.

Also… I’m pretty certain that clomid + nolva is no more effective than clomid OR nolva. Of course I understand the psychology behind using both simultaneously…but psychology is not physiology. Pick one. Clomid is arguably slight;y more effective on the HPTA but can cause vision issues and emotional sensitivity.

Also…your choice of ester makes me scratch my head. I personally would not choose a short ester for a 12 week cycle. Enanthate @ 250mg/ml would be my choice and I would inject 1 ml monday and thursday.

EDIT: in fact now that I think of it, my first cycle was 12 weeks and used test prop. What a stupid mistake. Learn from my errors and don’t do it lol.

Looks like an attempt to bulk but wrong compounds… I would stack dbol with cyp or eth
Test prop is more a cutting test base I think. I agree with PG why use letro?? Anastrozle or arimedex seems better. Everyone I know keeps letro on hand incase of sides but yea if you like having boners ditch it… Imo get some cyp run a test only cycle 500 per week .25 eod Anastrozle & HCG 25units 2x per week
Doing a stack as a first cycle Im not a fan of. If something goes wrong u wont know what to tweek. Test only is safer and you will get gainz

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