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Test Prop/Anavar Cycle


Hey guys, looking for some advice for a cycle. Been ready the forums for the last couple of weeks trying to figure out what would work best for me. I have ran a basic cycle before about 2 years ago (too young at 23 i know) dont really remember what it was because I just did the same thing my friend was doing (dumb). What I do remember taking:
Wk1-8 500mg test E a week
Wk1-8 Anavar (mg) 20/40/50/70/70/50/40/20
The test I took every 3 days and I took the anavar upon waking up and before I went to bed.
To be honest the pct was very confusing to me, I think I ran novla and clomid for either 3 or 4 weeks after.

25 years old
15% body fat
I have been training since I was 14 years old. I was the fat kid in the gym for a solid 3 years of my life. I find my body loves to build muscle over the years and hates to burn fat. My diet is good low fat, low carb and high protein (mostly all from food). I drink a gallon or more of water a day.

25 minutes warm up of incline cardio on treadmill
1-2 hours of lifting (depends if I lift with a friend)
25 minutes of HIIT cardio on arc trainer/stepper
On a side note I am also physically active at work as well.

Goals: Grow 4 inches (haha)
5-10% body fat

I know I want to run a test prop and anavar cycle, but I am not sure if I want to run a long ester along with the test prop (I’ve read a few forums calling for both short and long ester to maximize results). Also Ive been reading a lot about hCG, arimadex, novladex, clomid and I’m just not sure what will be best for me as a pct. 8-10 week cycle will probably be all I need to go above and beyond my goals I think.

Guys don’t be to harsh on me, I’m just a newbie looking for some advice. Thanks


I don’t think a low fat low carb diet is a good diet. If thats truly how you eat you must be a smelly guy. Also, how could you digest all that protein with barely any fiber. In my experience going keto the lack of fiber makes it really hard to digest food. So are you really on a low fat low carb hi protein diet? Like a keto diet is 60 % of calories from fat and 30 % from protein 10 % from carbs roughly. Thats a low carb diet. So I would imagine a low carb low fat would be 10 % fat 10 % carbs 80 % protein. You see what I am saying. If you are actually doing that and it works for you then good for you. Must be expensive eating all that lean meat though.

In regards to your plan. Keep it simple stupid haha. If you do plan to jump on gear it will be your first cycle. Your testing the waters. Drop the anavar. I’ve never run it. I can imagine your adding it because you think it will cut you up and make you shredded. I think you should throw in anavar if you can drop to 10 or maybe even 9 percent body fat or lower. Don’t run it at a higher body fat.

You have lofty goals 175 at 5 percent is impressive as hell. Especially if you are like me and of average height 5’9. By the way I am still trying to grow a few inches. People laugh at me but they are just naysayers. I am going to prove them wrong.

So just stick to test e 500 mgs. You could add prop in for the first couple of weeks if you want to see the effects of test right away. Doesn’t matter. As my 7th grade math teacher used to always say. there is more then one way to skin a cat or fuck a goat.


Thanks for the reply! I do manage to get a decent amount of fiber, usually 20-30 grams. If I were to break it down by percentage it would probably be 15% fat 25% carb 60% protein this is just a round about. $60 for 40lbs of chicken at restaurant depot!!

How much Test Prop should I be running in the begging with the Test E and for how many weeks? Also thinking about running the anavar at the end of the cycle now, when I do get the body fat percentage down :wink:
What about a pct for this cycle?


I don’ t know how much you should be running. Thats up to you. Look at the half-lives of the compounds. Prop is like 2 days I believe and enanthate is 10.5 days. Its been noted it takes people 2 to even three weeks to notice enanthate effects. I would imagine prop would hit much sooner. So you could run the prop for two weeks with enanthate and then just pin enanthate after week 2. Or yo could wait until week three. I have never done this or know anyone that has.

Personally I wouldn’t bother with it. Just complicating things. Prop would have to be pinned every day or every other day. Were you aware of that. Injections hurt. I don’t mean as they happen but there can be significant border line debilitating muscle soreness after. In muscle that has never been injected with steroids it is worse. This is called PIP post injection pain. So you are gonna be pining this prop at a min of every other day. You are gonna end up having a bunch of injection sites on your body you are rotating between and also likely going to be pinning at sites that are probably still very tender and painful.

I first pinned my delts with Enanthate twice a week and the pain and swelling I had made me think I was having an allergic reaction or an infection. Also the pip from Prop is a lot worse. Come to think of it there is prop in sustanon which I have ran that is a blend of various esters and the pip was kinda painful and my muscles were no “virgin” as they say.

I am gonna just reiterate I think you should stick to enanthate. But if you don’t want to then pin 50-100 mgs of the prop every other day for two or three weeks in conjunction with the enanthate at whatever dose you want. You will probably have a huge spike one week as they both kick in but it will settle a a few days after your last injection of prop.

PCT. Its standard to use a SERM, Selective estrogen receptor modulator. The two that people use either separately or in unison are tamoxifen and clomid. People also use HCG. HCG jumpstarts the testes the Lydig cells. The SERMS restart the pituitary. To produce LH and FSH gonadotropic hormones secreted by gonadotrpic cells in the anterior pituitary.

People usually wait a certain number of weeks after last pin to take into account half life. You see a lot of people running tamoxifin for four weeks at 40 40 20 20 or 40 20 20 20 thats in mgs and Clomid 100 50 50 50 or 50 50 50 50. People have done it a bund of different ways and I have yet to find out how these dosages came about. I personally took tamoxifen for four weeks at 40 40 20 20 and thats it and somehow recovered a bit. I personally would take a more aggressive approach.

Google the power pct by dr scally. That is an interesting read. I would utilize his approach next time I pct.


I’m a dick so I always have to throw in a dick comment or two to start off, lol

I have a hard time reading how someone’s body loves to build muscle but hates to burn fat. You’ve been working out for 11yrs and are only 185lbs. Are you 5’ 5"? Lol

Burning fat is far easier than building muscle. I know some may disagree but I would fight that one hard.

Low fat / low carb sounds like a terrible idea!!! You’d be better off being more specific with your macros and total calories and let us decide if you really wanted help.

Also, I’ve never heard of the hour or two of lifting program. You NEED to be WAY more specific than that if you want anyone to help you out

My opinion? You’re short changing yourself by using gear. I’m not saying to stay away from it forever but you’d be WAY better off if you learned how to build muscle, and burn fat by manipulating your diet effectively. You do this by picking a calorie deficit or surplus depending on your goals. Then you give yourself a macro breakdown that fills that calorie goal. From here you fine tune over time based on feedback from how your body responds


Thanks for the help oglebee, probably going to just stick with the Test E so I don’t have to pin so much. I’ll also check out dr scally when I decide what I’m going to do about the PCT.


Lol that’s fine, I figured there would more people like you.

First off Im 5’ 9" and I was a fat kid being 200 pound and having no muscle… Then I started the gym and it took me 2 years to cut all the fat off my body, I hit 145… Started bulking up on the muscle and it took me 4 years to hit 225… For the next few years I bounced between 200-225… Got sick of carrying around fat last year and cut down to around 190-205… Started cutting this year and now I’m 185.

If I go to the gym to workout my triceps I usually spend around and hour lifting. If I go to the gym to do legs I usually spend around 2 hours lifting. I don’t stand around and bullshit with anyone, I don’t rest much between sets, I keep my workouts efficient.

I do normally keep my calorie count around 2000-2200 daily (low because I am cutting and yes it sucks). Unfortunately I’m not educated on macros and don’t really understand them as of yet, I am new to tracking my food intake

Honestly I undertand why you would think I’m not ready to hop on some gear, I have a nearly impossible goal for my body’s stocky build. Thanks for your opinion, but it’s time for me to go all out this summer