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Test Prop Anavar Cycle


Hey guys,

Been planning my first Cycle for the last couple of months, did a fair bit of research and ended up on deciding on a Prop Var cycle.

JUst to give you my stats,

Age: 26
Height: 6 foot 5
Weight: 250
Been training for about 4-5 years.

I went all the way up to 285 lbs last xmas so this years gone into cutting the fat of. Im down to about 17% BF.

This is the cycle Ive been working out;

(1-8) Test Prop 400 mg a week (2x a week)
(1-2) Anavar 30mg ED
(3-5) Anavar 60mg ED
(6-8) Anavar 90mg ED
(1-8) Arimidex 0.5mg ED

So guys whatcha think? ANything I should change?

Bear in mind this is my first cycle so feel free to give constructive critisim..


Your good except that Testo p should be injected ed or eod, 2 times a week is not an option!

And whats for pct? anyway, good luck with cycle!


^yup, test prop needs to be used more frequently. in fact, it’s not often recommended for a beginner, due to the volume of injections…

you could go EOD and gain just fine, but in all honesty, it might just be better to do test e/cyp instead…


I also agree with test prop being pinned ed or eod at least. Another thing I would ad is don’t bother tapering up you anavar start out with the highest dose you can afford and run it for as long as you can afford. My first cycle was var +test I had awesome results I ran 100mg ed for 6 weeks. Var is very mild steroid and not very hepatotoxic .