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Test Prop/ Anavar Cycle Questions

Hey everyone, I have a few questions about my cycle and would like to get some feedback.


Training for 4.5 years.

This is my first serious cycle and looking to get some good gains from it.

8 weeks
Test Prop 150mgEOD
Anavar 1-4 or 4-8 (Not sure what is best)
Anavar 50mg ED

PCT is Nolva/Clomid (Some people debate nolva, whats your opinions?)
HCG is a maybe.

My training regiment is mostly bodyweight with some weight training and endurance such as runs. Whats your opinions?

Hej man,

I would run hcg once or twice a week at a total of 500iu weekly, from the first week untill 4-5 days before pct and arimidex .5mg a day every day.

This is al from personal research i have never used steroids!

chech out docter Rand on youtube in ask the doc (muslce insider)
and tell me what you think

I know a lot of people will make fun off me advising on cycle support while never have touched these products

I want to get the maximal potential out of my genetics

My stats are 6foot 1 225lbs 18%(i know thats high) now in an cutting fhase

strenght stats are bench 315x1 squat 370 deadlift 450 all times 1

Gr J

Sounds like a good cycle. I’d frontload the EQ a bit, and run it at 600/wk. Or if you can get your hands on some boldenone cypionate run that instead. It’s a faster acting cousin of EQ.

As for hCG I get good results with 500iu 2x per week but most people on here recommend 250 3x per week.

For PCT, do not run Nolva and clomid combined. It’s less effective than one or the other, and a waste. Nolva is preferred for a few reasons, not the least of which is that clomid can cause emotional instability in some. Either way, run Nolva at 20mg ED for 8 weeks or clomid at 25mg ED for 8 weeks. Good luck.

I’m considering doing the same soon. I have concerns about when to start PCT because of the length of the ester attached to Equipoise. I, too, will be running the doses somewhere around 400 test/500 EQ with proviron throughout. Also, recently started implementing the 250iu/ M/W/F and have noticed my testicular volume is up most days of the week which I’m happy with. I do notice some estro anxiety from the HCG which I don’t get from gear which is foreign to me. Like he mentioned above, just stick with nolva 20mg for a longer time rather than combining both and also make sure HCG is out before you begin that. Clomid make me severely depressed, never again for me lol. Also, do some research on how long it should take for that long ester to clear completely to get the most out of your PCT. Cheers

If I ever do another cycle stack with EQ I won’t front load again(for2weeks). It does take a long time to kick in even if you frontload. The anavar “helpers” in your proposed cycle for the first month is better option than a frontload, of EQ.
For me after about a month the neg sides which I just put up with were bad cardio, the opposite of what I was expecting. I also had noticeable heavy breathing, not quite at the point of being laboured but I was definitely noticing the change. I also started to become anxious, waking up worrying about completely random crap that never bothered me.
You never know how it will effect you until you do a cycle. Won’t necessarily happen to other people, but just be aware of it.

EQ is weird stuff, I really wasn’t convinced it was legit stuff until about week 9 or so. I didn’t get an increase in appetite like EQ is renowned for. If anything it suppressed my appetite.
Low and behold it did give me good anabolic gains, not much in the way of strength though.
Absolutely no gyno symptoms, less acne and hairloss than my usual test/primo stack.

If it suits your individual temperament it can be a really good addition to your stack.

Im actually thinking about switching to test prop and dropping the EQ and Cyp and keeping the anavar. I would switch my cycle to 8 weeks. This why Im not crunched for time. What do you guys think?

Prop and anavar is a good stack but you have to pin every second day. Prop stings a lot, when injecting and also gives you post injection pain.
If your going to do an 8 week cycle, it will mean less injections to do the first 5 weeks with a long acting test. Many guys pin long acting test 2x per week, but you could really get by with one injection. For the 6th, 7th and 8th week switch over to Prop, whilst the long acting test is washed out of your system(takes 2 of the 3 weeks for long acting test). Wait about 3-4 days after your last prop injection /anavar tab before starting PCT.
If you have genuine anavar many people would do a full 8week cycle(even 10weeks), 6 weeks if you are more conservative.
Take the hcg and an AI when your stack is test heavy.
If you have EQ in a stack its going to take 3 weeks to get out of your system

Thanks for the advice. Im worried about calf pumps. My first cycle was test e 500mg, and dbol at 80mg and I could NOT RUN. I need to be able to run and running test prop would allow me to start the cycle and if no calf pumps occur add Anavar. That way I dont have to be messing with EQ,Cyp and Prop. If the calf pumps would occur i could stop my cycle and hop on a PCT early. You know what i mean?