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Test Prop, Anavar, and HGH


Really respect the knowledge base here guys and would greatly appreciate some input on my first cycle, it's 6 weeks, I know that's pretty short but I want to keep things pretty mild since I'm a rookie:

  1. Currently a semi-pro football player 6'3" 215lbs, 9% body fat. Potential for testing about 4 months from now (April team workouts). 22 years old, avid lifter since age 14, no previous cycles. Current lifts: Bench= 335, Power Clean=335, Squat=485, looking for lean mass and strength gains. Seem to have hit a plateau as far as my numbers go and need a boost. Trying to be bigger, faster, and stronger to excel in my position (if that's even possible).

  2. The 6-week cycle that I have come up with is as follows:
    -Test Prop 75mg EOD (as my base, per instructions from this board, 2-3 week detection time)
    -Anavar 20mg ED (although it's mild from what I read I'm really trying to keep as much of the results as possible post-cycle, 2-3 week detection time)
    -GH 2iu ED (To aid with ligament/tendon health, as well as recovery, have 200iu will run entire kit=100days total, not worried about GH testing)
    -Auxiliary liver/cycle support supplements and a strict diet.

3.(Need some guidance here as far as when to exactly to start Nolva and when to use Arimidex, like should the Arimidex be used during the actual PCT or just during the steroid cycle)
3 Week PCT
Nolva 40/20/20
Arimidex .25mg, on hand for sides (Nipple tenderness/No morning wood, correct me if I'm wrong here)


I would pin the test prop ED putting you at 525mg a week. This is a fairly standard first cycle dose. I dont believe youll see much from 20mg of anavar. Id start with 50mg ED and see how that treats you. I dont believe youll have much in the way of estrogen sides at that dose but everyone is different so do have everything on hand before you get started. If needed you could start the adex .5mg EOD and adjust from there. I find it starts working within a day. People start there PCT based on how much test is left in there body. Because if theres still an excess of test the PCT will not be effective. Test prop has a half life of 2 to 3 days.


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Put my friend on this cycle to prep for spring training, will most likely be with the giants.

1-12wk 300mg Test E
1-12wk 800mg Primo
5-12wk 70mg Var


Thanks for the great input guys,
@Carter- I can definitely up the dose if that's gonna end up with a better result, not too worried as the dosage is still pretty low I guess.

@BBB- What's the thinking with the IM GH and also I was looking at your advice on another forum about pulsing the GH use, what's the thinking there? I really appreciate the help.

@Jared, looks like a good cycle, do you think the Prop would be ok instead of the Test E, I'm just nervous about getting tested I guess...


BBB, before I bother you with dumb questions, I did some more research (I know I should have before the last post, but better late than never I guess). If I train in the AM, eat 15g protein 1/2 oatmeal, would this suffice as a "semi-fasted" state? I would do 2iu IM Pre-workout in the AM, then would I do another 2iu post-workout? Then possibly 2iu IM before bed? I could do the EOD and have enough for a little over 2 months, or go E3D and go for 3.5 months, what would your suggestion be for my goals? Thank you so much for all your help.


If your friends a pitcher tell him to use hgh, it does wonders for pitching. As far as steroids are concerned If he has great mechanics he will get velocity. If he has a hitch or any kind of flaw in his pitching mechanics, doing steroids is a death sentence to his arm. If he is a 92+ guy (assuming he is right handed) i would def say no juice just use growth. If sits under that, he minus well use steroids cause if he doesnt get that velocity up he will be playing with me in mens league in 2 years.