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Test Prop an Winny


I'm 5'7 180 i want to lose 20 pounds i was wondering if i used 100 mg eod of test prop an 100 mg ed of winny if i can obtain those results


i'm doing a similar cycle, but using oral winny at 25mg a day for four weeks then bumping it up to 50 for two weeks.


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well i eat very clean an d work out hard in the gym i just wanted to make sure this was gonna keep me strong and wasn't gonna keep weight on me an help me drop it


Exactly. Your goals are so modest, you should be able to achieve them without drugs. Now, if you wanted to lose 20 pounds of fat+ gain 10 in muscle we would understand the need for anabolics.


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my diet briefly described

breakfast 3 eggwhites an spinach

snack grapfruit

lunch 6 oz grilled chicken brown rice an a veg

snack protein drink

dinner salmon an veg

snack protein drink or i juice my veggies sometimes
before bed a fruit


You need more food I think...

you need like 6 meals (not protein shakes) a day. and don't say I don't know what I'm talking about because I used to weight 180 pds of fat and dieted down to 144 pds lean.

Gear wont accomplish this for you post your shit in the nutrition section and get the right food in you.
You have a good base of nutrition you just need to add more of it more meals of rice/chicken breast/broccoli and lots of fruit IE grape fruit, black berrys, strawberry's blue berry's...

Plus I think the amount of winny you say you want to take is dangerous


Oh also forgot to mention this takes time it took me 2 years for example. with no eating out you must make your own food. The odd cheat meal once a month is good...


altec I'm trying to get the results u got thanks for the advice i def will ad more meals an fruit in my diet


good man