Test Prop Advice?

hello guys…im gonna take test prop…its 100mg/ml…and here they also have a product from thailand which is 100mg/2ml…so which is best?have you guys ever taken these? which will be less painful?i have heard more oil means more chances for acne…is that right?..please advice

Prop has a reputation for pip irrespective of the concentration. If you’re going to be pinning ED or EOD then you’ll probably want less oil overall. That’s not because of acne, but rather because the sheer volume of what you’d be injecting weekly would become annoying.

Is this your first cycle?

im doing everyday 100mg.for 30 days.this is my first cycle…actually when do the results start to show?

After the first 30 days

You’re taking 700mg/w for your first cycle? Hoo boy.

yes but only 4 weeks cycle…along with winstrol 50mg/day and anavar 40mg/day

the pain from the pip is the concern…coz i work at plant and it may be quite heavysometimes…any measures to reduce pip pain?

Why are you only cycling for four weeks? And no, the pain is part of the deal when you use prop.

well,just because its my first cycle.and 700mg/week. do you think 4 weeks is short?will i not get the result? pls reply

How much real, actual muscle do you think you can gain in four weeks? How much do you think you can keep after you go through a four week pct, then spend another few weeks with your body readjusting back to normal? Muscle takes time to grow. Four weeks will yield something, certainly, but enough to warrant the downside?

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I always say the quicker the muscle comes, the faster it will go when you come off. Long low dose cycles are best for keepable gains.


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Why not do 233 for 12 weeks? All the information tells you that it will take at least 30 days to really start to kick in and get you in optimal condition for growing muscle. You should either commit to doing it right or just not do it at all. Also you are not willing to commit to more than 30 days, what happens when your hpta doesnt start back up afterwards. Are You ready for a lifetime of TRT?

Don’t do this. For a first cycle, which is what this seems like, do test only.

Also 700 mg/week of test for only 4 weeks is a bad idea for a first cycle. Less dosage for a longer time is a better way to go. If you already have your gear, why not inject 100mg every other day for 8 weeks instead? That’s a more reasonable first dosage and time.

If you don’t have your gear already I would recommend 500 mg/week test E for 10 to 12 weeks. You can inject only twice a week (250mg/ injection) and not experience the fabled prop pip.

Test prop is great stuff… no need to stack your first cycle… don’t be a :cat: run 600 per week ez with prop…for 12 weeks
2ml on M -W -F
Left cheek right cheek rear delt… repeat
Don’t pin prop in yur leg that’s what retards do
Take .25 anastrozle on shot days
500 HCG per week
Lift eat yull feel great… I luv prop don’t even know why I bother with other shit it’s the best

2ml of prop into your rear delt? Wtf? Sometimes I dont know if I should take your posts seriously.


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I pin it all the time…yes it will be slightly sore but not like a leg shot & if yur doing a prop cycle you can’t do butt cheeks Ed or EOD. To get the most out of prop u gotta bang it a few times a week. If you can’t handle some prop in yur shoulder meat then maybe it’s time for CrossFit :joy:

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I would be hesitant to pin 2ml of anything in my delt lol.

Cross fit application being processed!


why no buttcheeks EOD?i can do delts,glutes and triceps.but 100mg/2ml will be so much oil in the system if do EOD or ED?

2ml is a fuckload to pin into your delt, remember its probably his first cycle so he does not have boulder shoulders. Furthermore, rear delt? Not even lateral delt but rear, and prop, notorious for PIP. You must hate this guy.



I know it sounds harsh but it’s the only way to run this much prop… remember the Dr pins you in rear delt. It’s the least painful spot for prop…my recommendation for a 1st cycle is 250 test cyp or eth Mon & Tuesday…but he’s got prop… I run a prop cycles every yr it’s my fav… for me the gainz out weigh the pain…plus it’s nothing a ice pack & oxy can’t crush let’s not be drastic… to answer question why not ass cheeks EOD. Simple… yur Monday pin on a 2ml dose will still be sore. With prop it peaks fast so if he did 3ml 2x like a Mon / Thurs it be a shitty ride. But he could do this 2ml, 2ml ass, ass, 1ml rear delt. Also heating up the vial helps or cut it down with cyp or eth or something else…tbh B12 is ok too Remember guys…resize