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Test Prop 8 Weeks/Proviron


hi all,

just require some guidance, started test prop 100mg eod.
Is it recommended to use proviron(25mg per day) while on prop?
using a good brand and dont have any pip. on my 5th shot and just noticed a slight increase in weight(1.5kg), assuming its water…
currently prepping for my first comp.
I am 29, 1.70cm tall, and have currently about 7-8% bf. Weight is about 72kgs.

i am currently 8 weeks out. Training for about 10 years, am in quite good shape and this is my first cycle.

hoping the gurus can assist me here.



Not sure it would be reccomended to stack on prop. It certainly cannot be used in place of an aromatase inhibitor. Ive heard of proviron off of cycle to aid in libido, depression, any low test symptoms really. maybe if you are looking to shred, dry out and just get cut proviron would be great to have. also minimal sides is inticing.