Test Prop 12 Week Cycle, Need Advice

Hey guys, I’m soon gonna be starting a test prop 12 week cycle and would like some advice on it.

This will be my 1st cycle so please bare with me regarding all my questions. I’ve done a good amount of online research regarding test prop cycles. But afew things that I can’t find or maybe not are understand are,

  1. what size needle and syringe should I be using? I’m planning to inject into my quads, I’m currently 173 pounds and 6.2
  2. I’m planning to inject 200mg a week, they’re coming in 100mg 1ml vials, inject Monday and Friday to start with at least 3 days in between each injections ( 1st injection would be Monday, wait till Friday then inject again. Then wait till Tuesday for the next injection then so on ) do you guys think for a 12 week cycle 200mg a week will show change?
  3. what would you guys recommend for PCT? I’m having trouble finding the best PCT that fits my cycle, there’s so many different forums regarding PCT that I’m a little unsure what will be best, a quick look at how I’m currently planning to run my cycle
    Test prop : 1-12 weeks 200mgs a week 2 injections a week with 3 days in between each injection
    Arimidex: 0.5 tablets EOD 12weeks

I’m not brand new to lifting, I’ve been lifting for about 3 years now, yes I’m my opinion I’ve gained a fair amount of muscle for being 20,but I’m looking to see if a test prop 12 week cycle will help enhance my strength and overall physique.
Being my first cycle and safety being my top concern I thought it’s be best for me to reach out to others that have much more knowledge and experience than me.

This HAS to be a troll. Right?

  • 200mgs

  • only injecting quads

  • 173 at 6’2

  • ARIMIDEX on 200mg/wk

  • 20

  • doesn’t know what PCT is

  • asking to be fed advice

If this isn’t a troll, reply back and I’ll give you 100 reasons why you SHOULDN’T touch steroids for at the VERY LEAST another six months.

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  1. Test prop is preferred for shorter cycles because
  2. You need to pin EOD.
  3. That dose is basically TRT, which means you’ll be shutdown and your gains will be somewhat limited vs a more robust dose of test.
  4. PCT has two proven drugs. That’s it. There should be no confusion. You have three options with two drugs.
  5. Safety is not your top concern. Don’t lie to people. It’s a bad trait to carry around when you get older.
  6. Learn to eat before you do anything else.