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Test Prop 100mg EOD / Anavar 50mg ED



AGE: 29

GP Anavar 50mg ED (1-8 Week)
GP Test Prop 100mg EOD (3-8 Week)
GP Arimidex .5mg E3D (3-12 Week) ?? Run Adex through PCT? Yay/Nay?
GP Clomid 50mg ED (8-12)
GP Nolvadex 20mg ED (8-12)

I know, most people will tell me to run the Prop weeks 1-8, however this is the setup that I was interested in trying to see how my body and skin respond before taking the plunge with a longer / higher dose cycle. Any suggestions on how to optimize what gear I'm working with and diet is welcomed.

I was wondering if you think running the Clomid 50mg / Nolvadex 20mg for 4 weeks will be a sufficient PCT for this fairly light cycle; the Prop is only ran for final 6 weeks. Unfortunately, I only have 30 x 50mg Clomid and 30 x 20mg Nolva, so should I up them to Clomid 100/50/50 and Nolva 40/20/20 and just do three weeks, or should my proposed 4 week regimen be sufficient?

The first 4 weeks of this cycle I was planning to eat just under maintenance, hit some decent cardio, lift heavy, eat clean, protein up around 300g per day.

Weeks 5-6 eating right at maintenance, less frequent cardio, heavy lifting, clean eating & protein 250-325g.

Weeks 6-8 eating 500 over maintenance, cardio 2 x week, heavy lifting, clean eating & protein 300-325g.

Also: Don't ask me why but I have 14 days worth of Androgel; should I start that from day one to help front load for the Prop @ Week 3?

What do you guys think? Could I pull something decent off with this little first time run? Critique me. This is my entry level experiment, so be gentle. :slightly_smiling:



are you going to do 2 weeks of anavar without test? That's just silly.


Silly, indeed.

I just wanted to structure this thing to get the most out of what I am working with -- I won't be getting anything else this time around. This is really just a small cycle to see how my body handles it, I have some pretty severe skin problems.

Would I see better results with this layout?

Anavar 70mg ED (1-6)
Test Prop 100mg EOD (1-6)
Arimidex .5mg E3D (1-6)

Nolva 20/20/20/20
Clomid 50/50/50/50

I know this is a short one, but I was hoping the fast effects of the Test P coupled with the Anavar for a first cycle, I should get something out of it and be able to tell how well my body handles this for planning a 10 weeker for my next run.

I was considering switching the diet from Maintence/500 over/Maintence/500 over...etc.

What do you think?


A couple of suggestions.

1) Arimidex has a half life of about 48 hours (46-50 depending on source). You should not dose E3D. EOD will keep your levels stable.

2) Get enough test to continue the cycle out to 12 weeks. Your first cycle provides you with the greatest potential. If all goes well and your skin condition doesn't flare up then continue the cycle out to 12 weeks.