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Test Progression Throughout 1st Year on TRT. Is This Normal?

My 1st year on TRT testing / increases were done about every 3 to 4 months

TRT mg / TotalT / FreeT weekly injection
0 / 280 / 8 This was my Base Line Testing Feb. 2017
140 / 280 / 7 First injections I felt worse then without TRT
180 / 450 / 11 Felt like before TRT
220 / 625 /15 Felt better
240 / 360 / 11 Feel great, but is this normal? My doctor asked me if I wish to increase the dose.

Any thoughts on this?

You must be metabolizing testosterone at a fast rate and also excreting your testosterone. You need to provide more detail about your protocol, how many injections per week? Most guys inject twice weekly, I’ll bet this is news to you. Your results look as if you’re injecting once every 2 weeks which is the wrong way to do TRT.

Most doctors are clueless about how to properly do TRT. You also need to provide your labs before TRT. Suggest your doctor is mentally challenged when it comes to TRT, you need to find another doctor.

Injections were all weekly. Started Anastrozole 0.5mg weekly when I received the 240 injections.
That’s the details I keep track of, but I guess I can ask my doctor for complete reports if it make a difference.
Sounds like it could be normal, and if so would you try a increase?

Where does your SHBG levels sit? If you don’t know then your protocol may not be right for you. With the amount of testosterone you’re injecting you should be over 1200 ng/dL if SHBG was midrange or better, you must have low SHBG and if confirmed you should be injecting EOD or possibly ED.