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Test Production, Young Male

Hey guys, posted here back in March inquiring in some things was going to start TRT but reluctant on starting, I did do a clomid protocol at this dosage

Week 1: 200mg 4 pills
Week 2: 100 mg 2 pills
Week 3,4: 50mg 1 pill

Got a test result but not 100% sure on what it was doc said it was fine (I am seeing a urologist)

I went ahead and got my own labs just to see what they were at this is from hormone panel from Privatemdlabs

Before I get into that a little about me
20 years old
I track my macros so I know nutrition is on point, I also train 5 days a week about an 1 hour- 1.5 hours,
I sleep well at night usually 6-8 hours of sleep anywhere between their.
Included I put in my thyroid labs, now my tsh seems elevated but my macros are at 5000 calories and a barely gain a 1lb a week, not sure if hyperthyroid or not as I do have a little bit of anxiety but nothing else to confirm hypothyroid.

My main reason I went to be tested was because I just had not been feeling amazing. My sex drive was very low, testicle were pulled up and my penis would turtle neck in, always very tried like i could sleep 12 hours if needed. I also had mono about a year ago, which shows on my liver profile I’m pretty sure that is why that’s elevated still but I’m not 100% sure, but I knew something was wrong. University doctor said my levels were fine, it was tested at 330 from the university Doctor, about 9 months ago and I recently had it tested again and my results are below. I did get it tested at 12pm but that’s because I woke up around 10am that day. Any insight will be great and I will be getting other labs if need be along with this if theirs anything wrong. I was ultimately thinking about starting clomid long term, but my time on clomid was not the best and in terms of future health I would probably refer to TRT and HCG because of the lack of research done for clomid.

Supplements taking now: 10,000 iu D3, multi vitamin, 5g fish oil. Use to take iodine and selenium.

Body temperature in the am 97.8, couple hours before bed 98.8

Do you use iodized salt? Eat fish and drink milk regularly? How many iodine do you take? Your TSH is borderline high.

Morning oral temperatures?

I would like to see fasting lipid panel, vitamin B12 levels, and rT3.

Any abominal aches/pains? In testes?

Your high LH/FSH and low T levels suggest testicular issues. Might be from a problem with veins that can be surgically corrected/

Week 1: 200mg 4 pills
Week 2: 100 mg 2 pills
Week 3,4: 50mg 1 pill
That much per day? That would be insanely wrong. See the HPTA restart sticky for reasons.

Your current E2 is quite high relative to your T levels suggesting impaired liver clearance or that elevated LH is driving high T–>E2 inside the testes.

With your high LH/FSH, your report of smaller testes and pulling up does not make any sense. What is the state of your testes as the time of that lab work?

Please explain time line of clomid and labs.

No pain as I can feel, many small testicular pain I do have pain whenever I orgasm my testicle moves into my cavity (guessing where the balls drop), probably from smaller than average testicle size I am guessing
Time of the labs were from 3 months ago from the private md and 5 months via the university Doctor

Time frame of clomid was 6 months prior to this as I did not feel an ultimate change from clomid, and I do not have the labs from clomid never received a copy from the doc

And yes that much per day I thought it was insane I feel like he had done a steroid cycle previously and had a bro mind in the sense of pct

Could it be possible with the high dose clomid caused a low testerone environment after?