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Test/Primo/Mast P90X and Doggcrapp Training!


Ehemm, try not to laugh when you read the subject line.

Now, let's begin. Starting soon I will be taking:

200mg/week, week 1-10 Test Cyp
400mg/week, week 1-10 Primo
2 caps/day, week 1-4 Epi (Shredded Mass)
6 caps/day, week 5-8 AndroHard
100mg/E3D, week 9-12 Mast

Obviously, I am trying to get ripped to get to single digit bodyfat. I finished the V-Diet about 2 months ago and I am down to 13% bodyfat.

I started P90X five weeks ago and am following the Phase 1 diet, along with some extra calories on the weekend. However, it seems I have plateaued in fat burning.

I also feel like P90X has taken all my muscle glycogen and thrown it in the dumpster for a homeless man to laugh at!

I haven't really lost much weight and I find the Velocity Diet more effective. However, I shoud not and will not do a shake diet while on-cycle.

Here are my goals:

1) I want to burn fat to a single digit (or close as I can)
2) Build a few pounds of muscle.

Its the age-old paradigm of bodybuilding. The cycle I have planned it is great for cutting (as long as I don't eat my lungs out) and building muscle.

I'm in the middle of P90X and I really want to finish it because everyone I know never does. It's only 3 months out my life, it's not a life long commitment.

I figure if I do the P90X in the morning 6x/week and throw in 3x/week heavy lifting (Doggcrapp training, anyone?) at night, I should be able to accomplish the fat burning and muscle building, in theory.

However, I may just be overtraining myself even with the juice, but I won't know until I try. I just wish I could find someone whose done something like this before and tell me their experience or advice.


What's AndroHARD?


It's a new designer DHEA developed by Primordial Performance thats similar to Masteron.


Nop, no one ever did something like this before.

Wanna know why?

No one has ever been as dumb before.

Have fun


I would try this:

Weeks 1-12:
500mg Testosterone Cypionate


Dumb? Please elaborate. P90X cardio in the morning, weight training at night. Why would this setup not compliment one another?


Mama mia......

Lift like a man, like a real athlete, or even a powerlifter routine....find a local Div 1 college and get a copy of their lifting program.....spend all your time on a platform or in a rack....then do 3 or 4 days a week interval training, balls to wall on a track, not the elliptical....


or depending what part of the state you are in you might be able to come train with me or one of my guys and get into some great shape in record time..

and either way if your gear(primo and test) is real there is no way you will over train just put up your PCT to make sure that is up to par as well as your diet.


Doing DC (for the first time) with P90X (or P90X cardio only, doesnt change shit)

Wether you are on gear, or not, is incredibly stupid.

You get burnt out faster on gear actually when on DC.

Wanna know why? Cause your strenght goes up much faster. Cool ? Yeah. Cool for the CNS ? No.

Have Fun


Ok, so you do not recommend DC for the first time while on gear. I just read Christian Thibaudeau's new article "6 weeks to Superhero." This type of workout seems beneficial:


He uses star complexes 4 days/week which are all compound exercises for fat loss and muscle/strength gain.

I also read an old article from Chad Waterbury that's pretty basic for size gains:


While on the gear, do you think trying either Thibaudeau's or Waterbury's plan with some fasted treadmill walking in the morning will achieve maximum size and fat loss?

Or do you think there's a better route?


I live in Baton Rouge. Where you at?

I apologize for not laying out the cycle in full detail:

HGH Somatropin 2iu 5x/week, weeks 1+ (on cycle and off cycle)
HCG 250iu 2x/week, weeks 1 - 12 (on cycle)

PCT ancillaries (2 weeks after last test shot):
Aromasin 20mg/day, weeks 1-4
Nolva 20mg/day, weeks 1-6

PCT Test boosters (2 weeks after last test shot):
HCGenerate 6 caps/day, weeks 1-3
Animal Stak 1 pack/day weeks 4-6
Vitrix 6 caps/day, weeks 7+


The P90X diet for Phase 1 for my weight bracket consists of 2400 calories per day. This breaks down to 50% protein, 30% carbs, and 20% fat = 300g protien, 180g carbs, and 53g fat.

I am a carb sensitive individual and I find that 180g carb to be high in accordance to the 100g carb per day rule set by T-Nation. Therefore, I modified the diet to 2250 cal/day: 300g protien, 150g carbs, and 50g fat (53%, 27%, 20%). However, 20-30g are the carbs are fiber, so the actual carbs are somewehre from 120 - 130g of which 50% are from my recovery shake.

I have 1 serving of carbs first thing in the morning, and 1 serving post workout. The rest during the day are mostly trace carbs from broccoli, muscle milk, protein bar, all natural tomato sauce, and fat free cheese. My main sources of carbohydrates are oatmeal, 100% buckwheat pancakes, Ezekiel 4:9 bread or tortilla (weekends), and a Surge Recovery shake (Mon, Wed, Fri).

My main sources of protein are egg whites, chicken, fish, steak (sometimes weekends) and Metabolic Drive.

My main sources of fat is fish oil throughout the day and almond butter mixed into a Metabolic Drive shake before bed.

I also take in about 30g of BCAAs and glutamine around the time of my workout and add and 1 serving of superfood to my recovery shake.


i'm in Lafayette.. your cycle looks like a bit of ovrkill for a cut that you can do with out all the gear and pro-hormes and thermos..

get your diet dialed in and run your cycle without all the extras.

200mg/week, week 1-10 Test Cyp
400mg/week, week 1-10 Primo

run letro or arimidex through out and start your nolva 2 weeks after your last injection with your natural test booster.

oh yeah and train harder. pick a full body program from Chad then add fasted state morning cardio to it. most important stick to it.

just my opinion..DA


Damn, I forgot to mention that I wll be taking adex .5mg - 1mg ED on cycle. How long should I wait to start taking it after my first test shot? I am sensitive to test and gyno prone.

I am a firm believer that every cycle should have at least 1 injectable and 1 oral. The Epi shredded mass is a low dose (2 caps/day). It's also anti-gyno.

I'm following that with the AndroHard because Primordial Performance is claiming that it gives similar results as Masteron. It is a legal supplement, non-toxic to the liver, so I consider a good choice for something light. They are also giving me $600 in store credit for doing a testimonial.

I also believe in doing a short-acting ester at the end of a test cycle so you dont crash as hard before starting PCT. Thats where the Masteron comes in. Oral winstrol would be a better choice, but I need to give my liver a break because of the epi. And, if Im miraculously at single digit body fat, Masteron will be perfect.

I do agree with you that a lighter cycle is better for cutting, so I may hold off on the androhard and masteron. I'll just play it by ear.

Also, a nolva only PCT isnt good at restoring testicular size and blocking estrogen. It actually increases estrogen in some receptors; that is where aromasin is the perfect compliment. I am very sensitive to test and are gyno prone. I have had problems with nolva on-cycle and gyno before and do not feel comfortable doing it by itself even post cycle.

I designed a slightly different dosing schedule for the gear:

Primo 200mg/week 1-2
Primo 400mg/week 3-8
Primo 600mg/week 9-10
Test 200mg week 3-12
Mast 100mg (EOD) 10-12

The reasoning behind this is that the Primo wont shut down natural test function at 200mg/week, so it is safe by itself. Also, I've never done it before and wanted to see how my body reacts to it as a stand alone.

The long ester test and whatever short ester your using should always be the last drug to clear your system before you start PCT. This should allow the PCT to be more effective with less drugs circulating in your system at the time when you start your PCT. This method also extends the cycle to 3 months instead of 2.5. The advantages of that are debatable, but I typically follow a 3 months on, 6 months off schedule.

This method also lets you see how your body to reacts to what gear at what dosage. For instance, I followed this method last year and found that 400mg of EQ is the perfect dosage for me.

I tend to do a lot of research and overthink steroid cycles too much, and I may get misguided in the process. But that's why forums like this are here to air this shit out!


Well I like that you understand you are very prone to gyno and are ready for it this time. If that is the case than keep your anti-e in place as you said.

The only thing I would go about diffrently is flipping your primo dosing schedule around completely.

Primo 600 weeks1-2
Primo 400 weeks3-8
Primo 200 weeks9-10

reason being it takes a while to build up in your system at smaller doses so do a good front load and get your anabolics running good and high and see how it effects you like you want before it starts to shut you down and need to add in the test.

maybe use the androhard to end the cycle out with the mast? this would help you cut and hardend up even better at the end while you are waiting to start your PCT.

How long is the half life of Masterone? I forgot.. this would make a big diffrence..


I understand the method of frontloading, but the only problem is if you frontload with too high of a dosage, you screwed if you have any unwanted side effects. With EQ, I know I should frontload because I know how it affects me. Primo I've never done before so I prefer to "ease" into the dosage. I've already taken my second shot of 200mg/week so in 6 days I will be doing 400mg and continuing for a while.

The active life of masteron is 2-3 days so it is out in of your system in 3 days. It also raises your libido the most out of any AAS so its great for coming off of test.


if you didnt have anything major from the eq or the test previously then the primo should be fine for you.

either way have fun and let us know how it goes.


I did test only 1 time before this and it was test prop. I did 100mg EOD for about 3 weeks and did not do any adex and developed gyno. I also lost my libido after I stopped the test because I continued with the the other AAS I was on. BAD IDEA!

Anyway, I figure 200mg of test is only a little bit more than a HRT dose and with the adex I should be fine. Primo is the best pairing with test in terms of unwanted sides, so Im looking forward to this cycle. I let you know how it goes.


How is this cycle going?




I just started week 2 of test cyp 200mg/week, primo 400mg/week, and epi 2 caps/day.

Also, HGH 2iu 5 days/week and Adex .3mg/day. Next week I will up Adex to .5mg/day along with HCG 250iu 2x/week.

I've already gained 2 lbs. of pure muscle and my body fat % has decreased.

My shoulders, traps, calfs, arms are .5" larger. No bloat.

My diet is around 2400cal/day - 300g protein, 150 carbs, and 45g fat on weekdays. On weekends, I find myself extra hungry and I tend to double the carbs and the fat and lower the protein. This past weekend I pretty much ate my lungs out, but apparently I really needed it.

I decided to ditch the P90X and I'm doing Waterbury's Lift Fast--Get Big progam. However, I modified it because I found it way too easy. He suggested a 45 min. Mon Wed Fri heavy lifting with Tues Thurs cardio. Here's what I did to modify for my needs:

Mon Wed Fri (same exact structure as Waterbury routine)
Tues Thurs (extra workouts I designed that follow Waterbury's method)
Mon - Fri (either 30 min fasted cardio in the morning or 20 min sprint intervals post workout)
Sat Sun (off)

Attached is the copy of my workout routine which I did last week.

So far this is the cleanest cycle I have ever done. No sides, I feel like a million bucks, and I still have two months left!