Test/Primo Cycle help

So I hate to be annoying with another post about how to run a cycle, but don’t get me wrong. I have done an extensive amount of reading everything from pubmed studies, forums, YouTube videos…and I have a couple of ideas of how I want to run this, but before I begin, I also wanted to ask you guys for input.

I have basically an unlimited supply of test c 200mg/ml

I have 2 vials of primo 150mg/ml

20mg nolva

I am looking to stay 12 weeks or less for cycle. How would yall run this? Thankssssss

For the record, I am thinking either 300 test/200primo or 500 test/300 primo. Any advice is appreciated greatly

How can any advice be given when you tell us nothing about yourself or the goal of this cycle.
Past AAS use?


I am 29 male, 5’9 192lbs, not a fat body type but have a pretty significant “beer belly”.

I’ve been significantly limiting calories and carbs and trying to shed some weight in addition to my workouts.

Ideally I would like to put on lean muscle mass without adding much body fat. However at the end of the day, I want this to be a bulk, whatever happens to my belly happens and I will cut later.

I want to add as much mass I can, as safe as possible, minimizing side effects. I’d rather not use an AI and so I had thought maybe if my estradiol gets high, I could add the nolva. I’m hoping though, primo will keep the estradiol down without crashing it.

I’ve only ran test c in the past. “Trt” but in doses higher than necessary for me. Most I’ve ran was 250 a week so still what I’d call a beginner.


post a pic

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Agree. Post a pic and lets see what we are working with. Gut reaction is that you are carrying too much bodyfat and should drop more before you consider doing any gear.

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Primo doesn’t always work as an AI. You might run a 500 / 300 cycle and still need an AI. Or you might crash e2. One of the benefits of running a test only cycle is you get to learn how your body aromatizes, and when your body requires an AI. If you already have a feel for high & low e2 and how to handle it, then never mind. Otherwise I recommend running that first T only cycle until you get a good feel for how to handle e2 sides.

Thanks for a response!

I was looking more for a hypothetical, not looking to post pics and all that like some have asked. And I understand why but we also know the general mechanism of these drugs and I am more looking for opinions on the general mechanism and how to use rather than expecting someone to tailor something specifically to me, because they can’t anyway. I can post pics but my photos aren’t going to qualify anyone to write me a cycle. I’m simply looking for a hypothetical. So thank you for an actual reply, sir.

I have ran test only but not as high as 500 and I doubt I’ll ever go that high honestly. Never say never though.

I know on 250mgs and an ai my estrogen was crashed (this was a doc’s orders and before I had any idea what I was doing, I currently run 200mgs no ai), and even though estradiol was crashed I struggled with gyno. Any ideas? Prolactin? This was in the past. I am just trying to think about issues with my upcoming cycle. Thanks