Test, Primo, and Deca Off Season

Planning my off season for growth in my Classic physique division. Plan on being over cap and water cutting to make weight.

183lbs 5-6% Bodyfat, yes I’m show ready 3wks out
Height 5’7.5

Proposed stacked
Off after comp for 6 weeks then start.

Week 1-6 Test E 234Mg

Week 7-25 Test E 640Mg, Primo 655Mg, Deca 210Mg

Week 26-30 Test E 234Mg, Primo 234Mg

Using Test and Primo to build, and Deca for joint lubrication and slight more anabolic help.

Numbers are based off what I used before at slightly increase in test and slightly drop in primo, to make up for deca. Food will be driving force for growth

Only have one true off-season cycle under my belt. Everything else has been done in a cutting phase.

Has anyone an opinion that’s not complete bias or conjecture to say about this. Also has anyone every done Deca at low dose with primo or stack like this.

Blood work comes back better than anyone I know. Very healthy individual, e2 is always high hence the love for primo with its suppression. And its healthier on the blood markers for me.

It seems like a good stack to me. I liked Test / Primo when I ran it. You will get a little out of the Nandrolone in addition to joint relief. Plus the primo, as you stated, will assist with E2 sides and hopefully aid in anything the Nadrolone may do to your libido. Seems sound.

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