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Test Pellets, Anyone?


anyone do these..my doc is trying to get me to try these..??..comments..reviews..???


Do a search. There have been a few threads about this.


Sorry, but it sounds like nothing but unnecessary pain to me. And there's just no way it will keep your levels as stable as twice-weekly or EOD shots. What supposed advantages are causing your doc to push them? Are you currently injecting? Are you unhappy with your current protocol?


I've been implanted twice. They were sold as being a stable delivery that were better than the spikes from injections. Nothing could have been further from the truth. I'm back on shots. I'm not comfortable ethically with having the insurance company spend 1600 bucks, me 400 and then have to use cream a month later because my levels drop to the 600s. (after a month guys). Then at the 2 month mark on pellets and cream I was in the low 400s. I was implanted with 14 pellets both times, the maximum according to my doc. I was taking 1 ml of 100mg compounded test cream every day for the entire 2nd month both times. My levels were awesome on shots for 3 years but got talked into the pellets since my doc was worried about the spikes from shots. I've switched to E3D and considering switching to EOD. I plan to take a T test for 7 days in a row to prove once and for all to my doc that there should be no concern for injections if taken EOD from spiking. I have no problem with E2. Even at 200 mg / week of injectable i'm not over 45. However I take Arimidex now to keep it low, around 15, that is probably too low but I haven't gotten tested since taking the Arimidex with the injections, only the pellets.

Anyway feel free to ask me any questions.

Also I charted my lean body mass and fat mass weekly for several months being measured every other week as I was training for a physique contest. My diet had almost no variation. Sure enough starting around the 2nd month on the pellets my muscle would go down and fat would go up. So my levels were low and I was symptomatic.

The pellets are a sham. I've heard of people having success but I've never seen their numbers. they may be the rare people that feel ok at t level of 450 or more. I have to be at 900 to feel anything decent.


Pellets have missed reviews, but they are expensive to implant if you do not have insurance. The dr needs to educated in general HRT monitoring techinques when they are administered. They should be check at one month and then 3 months again. The average dosage is 9-12 pellets to start off with. An AI and HCG may be needed depending upon the person. There is a dr in the south that does then and is really good and takes insurances. He has did Bob Hope and is a great humanitarian like unlike most medical professionals.


I have two issues with this post...

The first is that its true pellets are expensive for you without insurance. But that doesn't change the fact that they are expensive PERIOD. Sure insurance picks up a large chunk of the tab, but that doesn't mean they aren't expensive. Whether you're paying or the insurance, someone is footing the bill, and the insurance companies will raise their rates to compensate...this doesn't seem to register to many people who opt for more expensive options because inusrance is picking up the tab...there is a reason our health care is in such disarray, and insurance costs are a large part of that equation

The other portion is the bit about HCG...realize HCG may be needed, but at that point, the benefits of pellets go out the window (the fact that you don't have to inject them yourself)...if yo uare injecting HCG, you might as well just inject the T along with it!