Test P / Winstrol

Hello guys, i am new to the forum i want to aks you about my cycle test Propionate EOD 100mg and wins first and last week 25mg other weeks 50mg, but i am thinking to add testp to 200mg from 2 to 6week what do u think did i need armidex will i gain lean mass and lose some body fat or its enough to stay at 100mg for the 8weeks

No one can answer this, your bloodwork will tell.

What you gain and/or lose will depend on your diet and training.

What i can tell for sure tho ,is that in 8 weeks, you wont be able to GAIN noticeable size AND then lose noticeable bodyfat…
It would take 6-12 months to gain serious size and after that it would take 3-4 months to cut.
In 8 week plan, it will take at least 3 weeks to dial in training and diet(decide what you want, gain size or lose fat) and then - what can be done in 5 weeks? Almost nothing.


What’s your e2?

That depends on your diet.

I dont know last time cycle i didnt do it had no problem but i was taking 40mg wins max now i am getting 50mg and 100mg propionate eod

Hello guys i tester my test and estradiol my test is 32nmol/L and est 102 pg/ml (0.6nmol) i am using 100mg eod propionate and 50mg wins i think its not to high test what do u think , i want to use 200mg eod of propionate after this bottle for 20 days and finish last 10 days for 100mg eod, i am doing 8 weeks i am joining in 3 week now. Thanks does i need to get tamoxifen and what dosage ?