Test P/ Winstrol First Cycle 10 Weeks

I am 25 6’1 215 12% BF I plan on starting my first cycle of Test P/Winstrol next week. Eat clean and train hard. This is the outline of my cycle.(injectables)

Test P - 100mg EOD 1-10weeks
Winstrol - 50mg ed 3-10week
HCG - 300iu eod 1-10weeks (900iu per week)

Supplementing - Milk thistle, fish oil, bcaas, glutamine, protein

PCT - 3 days after last injection
Nolvadex - 40/40/20/20
Clomid - 50/50/25/25

Should I run my cycle less than 10 weeks? Should my pct be longer than 4 week?

Would appreciate any feedback

your test is relatively low, but you’ll probably still see decent results. That’s kind of a long time to run the winstrol, but I’m not opposed to it.

Cut out the clomid FOR SURE. You should not run clomid AND nolvadex. pick one or the other, and cut the dose listed in half. For such a mild cycle, 4 weeks is likely sufficient for recovery. you could do a 5th week tapering the dose even more if you’d like.

You should also run an AI, preferably adex, throughout the cycle. I’d say .25mg on your test injection days.

Maybe run the winstrol for 6 weeks instead of 8? Then up the dosage on the test maybe to 150mg eod? I appreciate the feedback.