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Test P + Winny and Keto Diet


New to the site, wanting some feedback.
age: 22
height: 5’11
Weight: 180lbs
BF: 12-14%
Macros 2200kCal
fat = 145g 60%
carbs = 25g with atleast 20g of fibre 5%
protein = 170% 35%
I am planning on running Test P 100mg EOD with winny 50mg ED split into two doses.
I have been on keto for just under a month and have a weekly “refeed” on sundays of roughly 450 carbs and a monday morning fasted cardio and heavy weight training.
just wondering if anyone has tried this, or has any tips or changes they would make ?
The goal of this 8 week cycle is to get as lean as possible until my bulk after summer .
Any advice would be great thanks