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Test P,Tren A, Mast P, Var

Test P, Tren A, Mast P, Anavar

60mg Tren Ace E/D - Week 1-10

37,5mg Test Prop E/D - Week 1-10

75mg Mast P E/D - Week 1-10

80mg Anavar E/D - Week 5-10

250iu HCG x2 weekly - Week 1-11 (start end of week 1, end 3 days before pct)

0,5mg Adex EoD

0.25mg Caber If needed

PCT - Weeks 11-15 (17 for nolva)

( 3 days after last pin)

Clomid 75/50/50/50
Nolva 40/20/20/20/20/20

What do you guys think?
Stats: 6’4, 26, 15%, 115kg, 7 years lifting.
Ive done 800mg tren a a week, test p/e, dbol, eq, win

Let me know what u guys think,


That’s alot of pinning. Do you want to pin ED?

Tren eth and Test cyp and mast eth, will let you pin 2 x week.

I’m just saying, all those injections can leave you looking for fresh sites without lumps or scar tissue.

Dont forget your liver support.

Caber can be hard to find (at least it was for me). Had to go to a European pharmacy.