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Test P & Tren A Lean Mass Cycle


hi all,
am looking for advice to confirm gtg or not i need it as quick as possible my flits after 2 days i need make my Mind to buy gear
10 weeks lean mass
1-10 test p 100mg/eod
1-6 Trenbolone Acetate 75/eod
1-6 Proviron 50/day Tabs
5-10 stanzol 50/day Tabs
1-10 liv-52 (liver support)
PCT HCG,Nolva,clomed

32 years Old
5'7 inch 176 cm
185 LBS coming down from 213 LBS
Lifting 3 Years
done test C ,anadrol,deca 10 weeks cycle

diet high protein high carb low fat( for mass gain )

thanks in advance


That is a beautiful stack bro! . Only thing I would reccomend is (I am assuming your tren is 75mg/ml) is to do half ml of each everyday, just take half ml from each bottle and mix and shoot in same shot. I found I had a much more stable mood that way, and it took away some of the prop pain.

If you wanna look super ripped extend the cycle 2 weeks, and drop everything but the winny. You'll be dry and ripped as fuck, maybe throw in some clen for the last 8 weeks as well, I would reccomend doing a carb cycle diet along with this as well, prioritize your lifting to do the groups that need the most work on the high carb days.

Very jealous of that cycle plan. nice work.


Clen for 8 weeks? What? Why 8 weeks? Clen is supposed to be used in the 2week on 2week off manor.


It can be used that way, yes. That would be another option. In my personal experience, and that of others I have known and watched it seems to keep working regardless of any science that says otherwise. Maybe 8 weeks is a bit too long. Dave Paulumbo was where I first got the idea it might work a lot longer than most people believe.

Quite honestly when I look over the whole cycle, it's probably not even needed.


Fair enough. But I personally think it should be used in the safest manor possible until hard evidence or studies are performed.


Then you should probably stop injecting 10x the amount of adrogens your body normally produces.

There are not going to be any studies of clen on humans.

8 weeks isnt that harmful. Use some benadryl here and there and it should be pretty effective.

Im not saying using clen in this cycle is a good or bad thing. Probably unecessary


Clen is not really the same as androgens, theyve been used so much their effects can near enough be blindly guessed. Im thinking clen has not had that much exposure, maybe im wrong. At the end of the day its his choice, if he wants to do 8 weeks of clen then fuck it, he can.


thanks bro I am very happy to hear that i will do what you recommend but don't know about clen i done that before with zero result i had high bf% by that time so..... and am looking for size definition good looking in the end
thanks bro


Dont be afraid to play with the doses a little. 35mg tren ed isnt much and most can go much higher. Its a good starting point but Id plan ahead and make sure to have enough gear laying around incase your dose does get bumped up a little. IMO 100mg tren ace ed with 30-50mg test prop ed was awesome for me. I would not doubt it if you end up feeling the need to up the dose. If sides from the tren get nasty, try lowering the test prop dose a little bit and see if that helps.

Clen is a bad idea imo for this cycle-its not needed.


From personal experience, start the tren at 200mg/week then increase to avoid tren related sides and keep them minimal.

For me 0mg to 400mg gives me night sweats at about 2 weeks in and anxiety.

Also, taper the test and watchout with the hcg and your leydig cells.

And for lean mass. High potein and either moderate or minimal carbs, while keeping your efa's high but within your caloric range. About 500 cals or so above maintenance.

And clen. You don't need it. Another substance added to the mix and you are asking for more health issues.


I WILL ADD MORE THAN 500 CALS MAYBE 500 CALS FIRST 2 WEEKS BUT IT WILL BE INCREASED frequently each week i need to gain more size i will attache pic let me know what do you think i need to do




is that bf% is ok gtg or i need to cut down more ?