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Test P, Tren A Cycle

Hey guys, new on the forum but not in the game.
I’ve planned out my next cycle and just wanted to hear your opinions before starting.
I am very prone 2 gyno therefore the high focus on ai and reducin prolactin,
Week 1-6
Tren a 50 mg ed
Test p 25 mg ed
Aromasin 12,5-6,75 mg ed (depending on how i react)
Cabergoline .5 eod/e3d (depending on how i react)
Vitamin b6 500 mg ed
Hcg 500 iu e4d

Pct (start 1 week after last pin of hcg)
Week 8-12
Nolva 40 mg ed (tappering down 5 mg each week).
Aromasin 25 mg ed.

DIet and training in check. Just want your opinoin about the cycle/pct.

Not a huge fan of 6 week cycles but you do what works for you.
I would drop the HCG
Run Nolva @ 40/40/20/20 and I don’t think you need the Aromasin during PCt with Nolva.

Hey yubs, thanks for the reply.
Not necessarily disagreeing with you. But why would you leave out the hcg/aromasin? I’m just seeking to Maybe learn something

My opinion is that the only thing HCG is good for during cycle is to maintain testicle size for folks who experience and are bothered by atrophy. I don’t care about a little ball shrinkage or more specifically I don’t care about having big pendulous balls. Also HCG use can cause aromatization within the testicles (or so I’m told anecdotally) that can’t be treated with Nolva so in my eyes there’s no use for it in my cycles. Now if I was coming off cycle and or was concerned about fertility THEN I might use it but it wouldn’t be until PCT or after PCT
if my blood test showed low LH and FSH.

I would leave the aromasin out because I don’t favor AIs…I would rather control E by using Nolva.
In your PCT you have two drugs doing almost the same thing. You’ve got aromasin that is stopping any T from converting to E so why use Nolva? The Nolva is going to block any E from connecting to breast tissue AND kickstart your testicles, so just use it and drop the aromasin. Drop it as well from your on cycle plan in favor of Nolva if you start to feel symptoms of high E.