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Test P, Tren A, and OT Cycle

First of all I would just like to send a quick thanks out to Cortes, Dynamo Hum, and Brook for their advice and help with my first cycle earlier this year. Aslo I would like to apalogize to those guys for not following up with my results.

It ended up being quite a rough winter/spring for me, I ended up getting poked in the eye during a basketball game and needing surgery on my cornia. Shortly afterwards I dislocated my shoulder which ruined me until nearly june. As for my first cycle the results were phenomenal. I was weighing in at 217 lbs at one point and was strong as an ox. I tested out with a 350lb bench 420lb squat and 310lb clean. I couldn’t have asked for better results.

Some of the down sides were that i did get some signs of gyno. My nips were pretty sensitive the entire cycle. And the other was I would get the worst shin splints on earth whenever I played basketball. I’m talking I don’t even believe in shin splints and these would completey sideline me. As soon as I got off the D bol those went away which was a great feeling.

Well now that I am done with that rant here is what I have planned for my next cycle:

I am going to run a Test P/Tren A/ Turinabol cycle.
I plan on running it as follows
Test P: Week 1-10 50mg ED
Tren A: Week 1-8 75mg EOD
OT : Week 1-6 40mg/day

That is what I have in the works. From what I’ve read about tren, yes it can be a nasty drug as far as sides are concerned, but at that dosage most have not had a large problem with it. It has been refered to as one of the best steroids on the market so I’ve been really excited to get a chance to see for myself the effects it will have on my body. As far as the turinabol is concerned I chose this compound becasue it is said to be similar to d bol just with out the water retention and no gyno issues. Obviously it is not quite as strong as D bol but I’m looking for a lot of water weight so the weaker drug is fine by me. And the test prop is shorter ester to work with the short ester of the tren A. This is going to be a strength/cutting cycle for me that I am very excited to start. I will also be running a dex at 1mg-2mg a week.

I have not yet decided what PCT i am going to use for this cycle I am kind of leaning towards trying the test taper one for this. Mostly because I look for to each and every injection that I can do. I don’t know why but I love every single one I do. Anyways please feel free to help me out in anyway you see fit.

As a matter of interest - although slightly off topic - i am going to (after my recovery) begin experimenting with high dose masteron or var to replace tren.

I like tren, and i personally do not get the sides that many speak of… but i do know that it is more suppressive as a nortestosterone, and i have heard subjective accounts that a dose of 700mg/wk or mast OR 700mg/wk Var can produce results similar if not better than a lower dose of tren - i assume something around 350mg/wk from what i know about the anabolic:androgenic ratio (to which i hold little value).


As per the cycle, i most certainly would NOT do a test taper or any protocol spurred on by a needle fixation. it is not a good idea… at all. Drop that mindset immediately, it is unhealthy.
Second, i wouldn’t do the taper for this cycle anyway… all short (or no) esters? Why would you extend the recovery beyond its needs?

Why stop the tren 2 weeks early? This ester is shorter than the test ester.

I too have heard that tbol is similar to dbol in effect without the water and gyno - but IMHO, dianabol without the water is… crap. It is the estrogen that makes it so damn effective, the increase in muscle size directly corresponding to increases in strength, the IGF stimulation, the mass increase therefore the more weight that can be lifted.

Sure the anabolism is good… but it is compounded by the estrogenic factor IMO and a non-aromatising dbol while sounding great - isnt dbol at all. I have not used tbol but from all accounts it is a disappointment if looking at it from a comparative POV.

If this is a strength/cutting cycle (which? They don’t really go hand in hand as a pure strength cycle will need a caloric surplus, water, size etc… Let alone the restriction in calories and increase of metabolic training and cardio needed to cut) then i would suggest a drug like Anavar - it will produce good strength - although IMO the test and tren hardly ever needs any additional support for someone not training to meet a specific sporting goal, like a meet or a show - IMO at least.

If you really have an issue with gyno - then i would suggest using letro as your AI. It really does work a ton better than adex.

If you are going to run the cycle for 10 weeks, I would take the OT during the last 6 rather than the first, so you make sure the gains keep coming.

If you are shooting the prop ED why not shoot the tren ED as well?

Other than that, looks like a fun cycle.

[quote] Brook wrote:
Why stop the tren 2 weeks early? This ester is shorter than the test ester.[/quote]

So I will stop both the test and tren at the same time since the tren ester will not be an issue since its shorter that the test.

I too have heard that tbol is similar to dbol in effect without the water and gyno - but IMHO, dianabol without the water is… crap. It is the estrogen that makes it so damn effective, the increase in muscle size directly corresponding to increases in strength, the IGF stimulation, the mass increase therefore the more weight that can be lifted.[/quote]

I understand what you are saying completely. I am choosing this compound because of close friend of mine that used t bol for his first cycle and had outstanding results.

Solid point, i didn’t really think about it at first. I will shoot the tren and test daily.

Fair enough about the recommendation for the tbol. Good luck :wink:

So I’m at the end of day (2) of injections. I have now done both quads. I did the right yesterday and the left today. Its definetely safe to say I can already feel the effects of the AAS. Tuesday was chest and tris and it wasn’t an out of the ordinary workout it felt good though. Today was Bi’s and back. I killed my back and bi’s. I did (3) exercises fot my bi’s and its safe to say that I would not have been able to do another single exercise. My forearms were pumped so hard it almost hurt. I haven’t had that feeling in a while and it was a pleasant one to get back into my life. Tomorrow I’ll be in the squat rack, we’ll see how that goes.

Good luck with the cycle! Did you decide to start the ot on day 1?

Thanks I apprciate it G.I. No I decided to wait til week 3 to start the OT. I wanted to but it just makes more sense to wait.

Day 3 on the cycle was good. I don’t think I’ll be injecting the quad unless it is on a leg day. It just got way to sore. Squats were good today, already up ten pounds on each set. Back to chest and tris tomorrow, can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.

The only thing is I don’t really understand this appetite suppression, since I seem to hungrier than ever. I literally get hungrier everytime I eat.

I dont get appetite suppression with the dose you use… ie. #250mg/wk… I need at least 350mg and in fact i find 350mg to be an excellent dose for the most noticeable results in size, strength and body comp. with little increase in sides…


Well it has been exactly one week on this cycle and I am very impressed with what I am seeing. I have gained just under 11 lbs and feel great. The only downside to this cycle is the night sweats. Last night I got up to bring my puppy outside and it felt like my whole damn body pissed the bed! My girl was like do you want me to change the sheets they’re kind of damp. Other than that, this is a very good cycle thus far.

Question. Having heard that tren is a killer on your stamina as far as endurance is concerned, how heavy a dose does someone have to be taking for this to take place. In my “work” area there is an 850 yard test that everyone must pass in a certain time, and I was quite worried that I was going to fail it miserably because of the tren, however, this year I passed it by the most I have ever done in what should have been the worst shape of my life as far as cardio is concerned.

Tren does not effect some (lucky assholes’) cardiovascular endurance the way it effects others’ (like mine). Consider yourself in the former group, I guess :wink:

Good stuff, isn’t it, the tren?

Oh, i couldn’t agree more. Tren is proof that God does indeed exist, ha.