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Test P, Test E, and Deca Cycle

No it is not. This answer could easily be found on Google thru researching what a weekly tren cycle looks like as well as a mast.

Furthermore that’s is a blend of short esters for someone who is most likely about to step on a stage.

Plz start doing your own research first then ask questions. It saves time and helps eliminates dumb questions

Seems like ppl have time zeek…
Lookman i allready did… And the dosages variate between 150mg and 300mg per week(300mg of tren written for a moderate cycle).
So therefore i ask some ppl with exp…

@iron_yuppie you saidin a post before i should run another test only cycle… I have allreadi Test Prop on hand so i would run it on prop…
I know test is test but still short ester can i run like 450mg week for 12-14weeks?

I wont use tren quite yet…any suggestions should i put something in cycle like deca or so…

You win the right to ride his baby Suzuki… seriously though. I could show you bloods where .5mg crashed my E2. We are all different. Hell if I took 200mg/wk my bloods would be >1500ng/dl for test.

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LMFAO. This made me laugh. My wife rides a 250. I cant stand the little thing