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Test P, Test E, and Deca Cycle


First a little about me so you get a picture…



Weight: 85kg

Bf: 10-15% don’t know but it’s not mutch

I’m training about the 5th year now…and just got off my second cycle (test E only).

Now i was thinking about starting a new one in few months and thought about Test+Tren… till i watched some videos and got doubtfull about it becouse of so f****** many sides…

Look i need some advice what should i run along Test…

I need something to get me a bit bigger but still lean…so that i don’t add to mutch fat before summer or maybe even loose it…

So can you get me some suggeations or cycle examples…? I would be greatfull!

And what’s about Deca…dose the sides with ED are noticable even with low doses?
I was also thinking to run cycle like this:

1-4week: Test prop 100mg/eod
1-14week: Test E 500mg/week maybe a little more since my last cycle had 800mg/week and no actually sides noticable (AI used alltrought)
1-12week: Deca Durabolin 300mg/week

Now i was even thinking to run Test Prop and Test E through whole cycle together (only lower dose than) would that be even ussefull or a waste of substance?

What is about injection sites? Have i to separately pin deca and test (other leg for example) or can i mix?
Test e and prop could i mix into one injection or have i to separate all?

I hope you find some time explaining it to me.

Best Regards!


Why don’t you just run another testosterone only cycle? If you still are making gains then I don’t see any need to add anything personally.

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I second that. If you’re gaining on test only then you don’t need to add anything else just yet. Keep adding to that foundation with as few side effects as possible for as long as you can. Perhaps you can drop the prop and kickstart with an oral? That’s quite popular.

Jesus, 800mg test for a 1st cycle? If you’re a recreational gym rat you certainly don’t need that much for a 1st cycle… If you’re a strongman competitor or something then maybe

I know you all are right about that…but we all know how many extremists are there that run first cycles like with tren or something…

I probably will do test only at the end…but can you give me some pointers if i still would decide to take deca too?

I dont perfer orals (was my first cycle-dbol for 4weeks) and i hade rushing blood preasure of it…headaches allmost dayli…dis only 30mg per day. And there was thise excessive bloathing.

Test e and prop could i mix into one injection or have i to separate all?

What about hcg is it that neccessary because is wery hard to get by where i live…
And if i would use it…than how? Whole cycle or what do you perfere?

Somebody knows…
Can i mix Deca with “steril watdr” or somsthing…
To come from 500mg/ml to 250mg/ml…?

No. Are you familiar with the term “goes together like oil and water”?

He could have meant no negative sides. I know a lot of people who run gear with no negative sides. My buddy blast tren and it doesn’t bother him one bit. I get some annoying sides on test but can take 50-100mg of winny with no negative sides while some people complain about joints etc… Everyone is different.

Edit: op update if you have any issues with deca dick… Im really interested in running it at some point but just the thought of a limp noodle keeps me far away

Im in partial agreement. Unfortunately a lot of people do this because they Google “first cycle test e” then pull up this generic cycle that has adex built in. Which I think is ridiculous.

The reason I say partial is because 1) he didnt list his AI dose It could have been really small in which case it might not have made much of a difference either way 2)everyone responds differently to adex. Some people need 0.5 EOD on trt while people like me will tank thier E2 on that adex dose running 750mg test /week

I really do. As humans we all have different responses to all drugs why would adex be any different?

Il use @iron_yuppie for example he is easily one of the more educated people on this forum and needs a high adex dose on trt that would crash me on a blast.

Also keep in mind everyone aromatizes differently which can dictate their AI need.

Don’t get me wrong I think a lot of people blast and use way to much AI because that’s what everyone says to do

Eh. It really is individual. The range for each guy is a lot wider than I would have initially imagined. I’m on trt and on 200mg/w I needed .25mg adex twice a week. My e2 was at 40-45 with that dose. I’m now down to 120mg/w for test and I can get away with .25mg total. Again, keeps my e2 in that 40-45 range. But most guys on that dose of test wouldn’t need any AI. So I’m a little different but I’ve got what works for me.

Lucky for me I don’t actually have to sell you.

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What do I win?

Edit: this is after 18mo of trt @200mg/w and .25mg adex twice a week for the entire said 18mo

Mmm mmm, but how is his lipid profile. Get his HDL/LDL tested, he will probably be in for a phat shock

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You win 17 potatoes

My E2 recently tested 2x the ref range… And I have no symptoms aside from a puffy face and I feel brilliant. (My T was 1568ng/DL or something absurd like that)

The UGL I’m using while primoteston is out appears to be absurdly overdosed…

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Than tell me something guys…

I hawe here a cut stack 150mg/ml(50mg tren ace, 50g mast p, 50mg test prop)

Is there 150mg of each enough for one week or what would you suggest?

No. C’mon man, no.

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Everybody is different when it comes to drugs. Like slot of people can’t take EQ because of the rise in hemotocrit. Meanwhile I can stay on it for along without any issues.

Whaat? Just tell me if 150mg/week of each is enough or what of it should i bump?

Height: 175cm
Weight 82kg
27 years
BF: 11-13%

If you don’t know if the doses are enough then you are nowhere in the vicinity of ready for tren.