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Test P/Test C/Dbol/EQ/Anavar/Winstrol


Just posting a cycle, mostly so I can get my own outline out; summer lean mass.


1-3: Test P: 100mg/EOD
1-20: Test Cyp: 625mg/wk
5-20: EQ: 400mg/wk, front loaded
5-10: Dbol: 50mg/day
12-20: Anavar: 50mg/day
16-20: Stanozolol: 30mg/day
1-20: Arimidex: 1mg/EOD or ED depending on how I feel
1-20: HCG: 500iu/wk

No PCT, back to TRT:
20-22: Test cyp: 400mg/wk
22- : Test cyp: 200mg/wk
20- : Arimidex 1mg EOD
20- : HCG 500iu/wk


why eq not at week 1?


Was debating whether I was going to include it or not; I had a thread earlier on I started questioning the addition of tren - while I've done a number of cycles, I never used Tren and was very indecisive as to whether I wanted to add it or not. Ultimately I decided not to, and decided to add the EQ instead due to feeling much more comfortable with it.