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Test-P Only Cycle


Hey guys,

I just turned 25 and have been waiting for more than a year to start cycling. I have read up a lot on the subject and wanted to know what you all think about this cycle.

My stats as is are 5'7 172lbs 13% bf.

My diet is pretty solid, I eat between 5-6 meals a day (protein heavy but not overdoing it), drink water like it's a drug and consume no alcohol.

My goal is to gain atleast 10 lbs of lean mass..

Cycle being:

wk 1-4 Test-p 100mg ed

I know typical cycles for prop are 6-8 but I'm counting on blasting 700mg/wk helping me with this short ester.

I started my first pin on monday and I think I have some pretty legit gear because I am getting very little pain. I have someone juicing me who is a pro at it and that may help also due to inject technique. I have felt mild pain but nothing of the unbearable type that people talk about when they inject prop. I do feel the "test flu" people talk about where I feel I have a cold and it is a little hard to breathe but my breath rate is well within normal range as is my BPM.

My question is are my goals realistic with my dosage and timeline?
Also I'm only 3 days in so I know it is too early for gyno. I do have arimidex on hand but I stupidly got 1mg capsules and I can't cut them.

Would dosing 1mg adex e3d be a good idea? Or is dosage too high for just preventitive measures? If so I am pushing to get letro this week to run at .25 eod.

PCT will be run 48hrs after last prop shot... clomid nolva typical 100/100/50/50 - 40/40/20/20.

Thanks guys for taking the time to read up.


IMO the cycle is too short. Get more gear and run it for 8 weeks.

You want to run an AI. E3D dosage is not ideal for adex. EOD is ideal. Get something you can use asap. (you might get flamed for not having everything in order before starting, it's a cardinal sin in this world) Your goals are realistic. I'd expect 8-12 lbs if your training and diet are on point. I still think you'd be happier with 8 weeks. Once the test really "kicks in" you'll not want to end the cycle so early.


Your diet doesn't sound solid. It sounds like the same thing every guy does and fails to see results. I hope you were just oversimplifying.
Cycle too short....you will regret not running it longer.
Didn't research enough or you would have known what AI you would need. Go through a research chemical company so you get liquid form.
Test flu isn't a little cold. it's comparable to the flu
The pain from prop injection is not an indicator of legitimacy. It depends on what the prop is mixed with as well as the prop/mix amount(can't think of the term for this). That's why people don't just make 800mg/ml test E and sell it.


Agree with the above posters.

Also, take your adex caps and dissolve then in a ml of vodka. Get a measured dropper, and then bingo you know can dose it accuratly


I appreciate all the responses. I should be getting letro capsules tomorrow. (although the dissolving capsules in vodka interests me) I think it will just be easier to go with letro hehe.

@The-German I am oversimplifiying my diet. I'm not going to bore you guys here with exact count of what I eat daily. Let's just say I am protein heavy and about 20% over maintenance.

I understand that no pain doesn't necessarily mean legitimacy but I know it is also a factor. I trust my source. My libido is slightly up but nothing out of this world just yet. Would getting another blood work for just test 5 days into cycle be able to tell if gear is legit or fake? I did get bloodwork prior to starting cycle. And blood work is free for me since my family owns a couple clinics.


12 weeks minimum.

Aromasin 12.5 eod through cycle and pct


Not with test P


Did splitting the powder up in the adex caps never come to mind or something?


May I ask on what part?

Injections or the ai?


I believe on your 12 week minimum recommendation for test prop.

On a side note I got a friend to get me a letrozole prescription and will start dosing it at 0.25mg eod starting tomorrow. I am also up about 4lbs since my first injection but I think it's probably from water retention... hoping letro will help curve that. I am consuming water at an abnormal rate.


Cycle length. 12 weeks is recommended for a longer ester. 8 is sufficient for test p.


K I would agree just from my own expirience running 12 of prop wasn't that bad although I aint scurried of dem needles


You stated 12 week minimum as if it was fact. Not opinion. Furthermore this is OPs first cycle. Most people would recommend 10 weeks of Test E/C. Not that 12 would be bad but for a short ester like Prop. It would be a long first cycle. When sharing an opinion as you now say you were it is customary to say IMO. Not to present it as a hard fact. "12 weeks minimum"

I think you might want to go back to research and lay off the advising.


your entitled to your opinion


Well that isn't really an opinion. Gains do not just continue at the same speed as you run them longer. This is why people pyramid their cycles. Around 8 weeks of the same compound/dose and myostatin will prevent you from growing.

Besides health reasons, this is largely why people blast and then cruise. Gives your body time to go back to normal, allowing you to do it all over again.


Hey guys,

One question. I have some dbol that was given to me by a friend to try out and was thinking would it be wrong to start dbol now? I already have 1 full week of ed 100mg of prop. Today would be day 8, start of week 2.

I was thinking starting dbol at 20mg a day for first 5 days to see how i respond then upping dose to 30mg for 5 more then blasting at 40mg for remainder of time (4 weeks total of dbol).

Would I have any negative effect starting it week 2 instead of starting it when I started prop?
Also would HCG be necessary on dbol? I have 5000ui of HCG but was thinking to run it 10 days prior of my PCT at 500ui a day.

I wouldn't mind gaining more than the 10lbs of lean mass initially wanted....


Got my bloodwork done on friday (5 days into ed 100mg pinning) and came back:

E: 16.66 pg/ml
T: >20160 ng/dl
T free: 100pg/dl

My pre cycle numbers were:

E: 12.04
T: 402 ng/dl
Free T: 12.6 ng/dL


On further research I see those levels are way off... I'm not nicking a vein... I'm aspirating and I don't feel bad I actually feel great and have every day except day 1...

Why in the hell is my total test so damn high?

Could it possibly be the clinic is making a mistake?


I'm also entitled to facts. Which I have on my side. As The German pointed out there are reasons for limiting cycle length and changing compounds during longer cycles.


what do you mean?

the average man produces approx 3-7 mg of test a day. 10 mg on the very high end... you were at 400-ish, so i'd guess you were on the lower end. now you're injecting 100 mg test ED.... that's prolly 20x what your production was before.....