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Test P/Dbol/Proviron Short Cycle - 2weeks Alternate x 3 (Bill Roberts Protocol)


Hi all,

Second cycle and second post.
I am fairly new to cycling as I have done only one, however I have done extensive research throughout the years.

Here is the cycle I have done last year:
12 weeks long
week 1-12 400mg Test E (200mg twice a week)
week 8-14 Var 50mg ed
week 4-13 HCG 250 iu twice a week
Week 14-20 Clomid
day 1-2 / 6 ed (2+2+2 after meals)
day 3-12 / 2 ed
day 13-43 / 1 ed

Age: 38
High: 1.93cm / 6’3’’
Weight: 98kg / 216 lbs

Diet and training were both in place. Loved the pumps and strength. The Var addition to the end was great as it gave me that hard look and vascularity I was looking for.
I have gained 3kg and lost 2kg. I wasn’t expecting massive gains nor massive losses. Overall, I know I haven’t gained much but I am fairly happy with it as I have gained insights on how my body reacts to the gear. PCT ended mid-July 2016.

I am now researching to put together my next cycle and I have come to a conclusion that short cycles will give me a god ratio between gains and sides. I know there is contradicting information out there, some people are more comfortable with an 8 weeks cycle, some others with 4. However, I like very much the Bill Roberts’ short cycles approach for the reasons mentioned above.
I am 39 and I think I should give the right amount of consideration to the gains and even more to the possible sides.

My stats now are as follows:
Age: 39
High: 1.93cm / 6’3’’
Weight: 99kg / 218 lbs
BFP: 10% (measure two days ago)

I have done blood works; kidney and liver functions are fine, HDL and LDL are fine too except for HDL ratio, 4.15 which is above the max recommended, 4. I have modified my diet to tackle this issue and hopefully it will be fixed before I am starting. I am also positive about the fact that short cycles, due to the length, have limited impact on lipids. E2 and Testosterone are all within the recommended ranges. I will use this results as a baseline and plan to take another blood test at 11 days into the first two weeks cycle and use that as a reference for the following two weekers.

The protocol I am following will be (2on, 2off, 2on, 2off, 2on, 4off). See image below.

I have added HCG to be on the safe side, as the cycle alternation might have a negative impact on the HPTA by the end of it.

I have also added Aromasine for two reasons. First, because I will be using drugs which aromatise highly, being Test P and Dbol, so water retention will surely be an issue. I am also aiming to avoid the rebounce effect. Not so much bothered about gyno as I had to have my glands removed when I was a teenager. I think the dose will be sufficient to keep the E2 at the right levels but I will be able to see more based on future sides if any and blood test once I am on.

For the PCT, I have opted for Clomid over Nolva as I have some left form the previous cycle and didn’t give me any side last time I used it.

I am planning to repeat this cycle by three times with the option to add VAR to the seocnd and third 2 weekers.

I would very much appreciate any feedback from the community in regards to the, stacking, the doses and the two weekers cycles in general.

Thanks for your help


Is there anyone out there in the community interested in exchanging information about 2 weekers or simply commenting on it?


Bad idea for many reasons, but probably a waste of time to discuss, hence, no response.

I strongly recommend against this plan and suggest you do more research.


Thanks for your reply.

It would be useful, not just for me, but also for other people that might be thinking of adopting the same protocol, to provide the reasons why you disagree.
Trust me, it won’t be a waste of time and will most certainly help other users out there.

Can you comment on the following statements?

  1. ‘’Short cycles will allow a much quicker HPTA recovery than a long cycle
    and this allows one to kepp a higher percentage of ones gains. In fact
    full testosterone rebound often happens in but a week. **Gains often **
    continue in the weeks after the short cycle is over simply because ones
    natural test production often jumps a little higher than normal becuase
    the pituitary really hammers out the LH and the testes have not shunk.’’
    Steroids for Health - Short Cycles

2.‘’Roberts believes that after two weeks the pituitary becomes inhibited
and not just the testes and hypothalamus and thus he recommends 14 days
"on" as the limit IF you are striving for very rapid HPTA recovery.’’

Have you tried this plan? Do you know anyone who has?


If you read that entire post you will see the error of your plan. You’re cobbling together two different ideas, Montana and Roberts, that don’t mesh well.

I have not, because it’s a bad idea. No, I do not know anyone who has, if I did, I would have suggested they avoid it.


I have also been researching this Roberts approach also; if one is looking at results after a year or two it “seems” perfect.

Its my impression most guys starting gear want results in 6 weeks to 3 month periods, thus few have worked with this protocol.

I would love to here from some guys that have tried it, and about their results. If anyone even knows someone that has tried it, please reach out and get them commenting.



Hi guys,

So, I have taken on board all your advices and I have decided to drop the 2 weekers for a slightly longer cycle.
I have decided to keep it short but long enough to see some results if it makes sense. Ultimately, the idea is to run two 8 weeks + PCT in a year with a nice break in between, get max gains and reduce sides.

Drugs used: Prop stacked with NPP. Key objectives are bulking obviously, and also achieve some joints protection. I have suffered lately with tennis elbow and I think NPP is the right type of drug for this issue.

In regards to the AI, I have used a combo of Arimidex first and Aromasin afterwards. Arimidex at the beginning as I will need E2 control for sure. Replace Arimidex with Aromasin two weeks prior the end of the cycle to avoid the E2 rebounce at the end of the cycle, moving into into the PCT phase to increase total testosterone by ~60% after 10 days @ 25mg/day and free testosterone by 100%.
I am not too sure about the doses and the frequencies as I am using the standard ones I have found, so any input in regards would be much appreciated.

I have added Caber to maintain sexual functions which are likely to be affected by the NPP.

Here below is the plan. What do you guys think?