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Test-P Compared to D-bol


Using D-bol to jump start androgen levels in the beginning of a cycle is popular. Test-P is popular for the same reason.
Test-P is also used when going off long esters to be able to drop androgen levels more abruptly when its time for PCT, making the cycle more efficient.
I dont see D-bols used for this though.
What are the differences coming off a cycle on D-bol compared to Test-P?


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higher estrogen potential..


BTW, I say "T-Nation Search Engine" not to just be a smart-ass, but because this subject as been discussed extensively and there's already tons of information out there.


I start, and close out a Test Enan cycle with Test Prop, for the reason you say... I'm just continuing the Test levels, but with a more efficient transition to PCT. Dbol is synergistic with Test, but does not replace it. You can use Dbol at any point in your Test cycle, but it's not as good to end your test dosing and just run Dbol. Well.. you could... for the 2 weeks it takes the Enan to clear... but... meh.. whatever.. PROP!!!!

Just my opinion.


I am not that lazy, I have done several searches. But my creativity with the search phrases is running out. There are MANY threads that discuss dbol and test-p. And none that I have found discussed this particular issue.

The only thing I found to be almost like this was the thread were Mikekatz bridged from on to off using the morning dbol protocol. Which he said was not much different in terms of efficiency compared to a regular PCT. He ended up admitting that the recovery still wasnt as good as a PCT in the end aswell.

Ubiquitous, thanks for your reply.

So has anyone else tried to end a cycle using D-bol?