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Test P and What?


I’m curious to find something to stack with Propionate. Both Winstrol and Masteron caused some serious joint pain for me at the time (I was leaner then). I like the Prop because it has always provided the best gains. I want to lose some fat and not have much water retention. Would NPP be a solid choice? I can’t use tren or eq because of the anxiety they give me, anavar would be useless at my BF%, but I’d like to stack the prop with something. I also would like to know a good Anti-E to use that won’t make my joints feel terrible too. I also want to avoid any emotional side effects. Any suggestions would be great. Thank you all for reading this!


I’m not sure anyone can really help you. What you stack would be a personal preference as any drug would work if you have a solid program and nutrition and you already eliminated some choices
As far sides, you might need blood work to dial in your ancillaries. If your joints are hurting its not because you’re not using the right Anti E, it’s your dosing is not putting you in an ideal range


Just that alone helps my friend. I’ll just use it alone. Not really a huge deal.