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Test P and Tren E Cycle Advice Please

Hey guys,

Current stats, about 100kgs @ 15% bf.
Goals of the cycle: Lose fat, retain muscle.

I am about to embark on a Test P/Tren E cycle.
While my understanding of prop is solid, I am getting conflicting evidence re the Tren E.

Is the ‘safe’ period of Tren E, truly 4-6 weeks?

I plan to run:
Test Prop 400mgs/week, 100mg EOD (should I go 500?) for 8 weeks.
Tren E 300mgs/week for 6 weeks. 150mg E3D (or should I go 300mg EW)?

Nolva and Clomid for PCT on cessation of cycle.

Key issues:
Should I run 500mgs a week of Prop instead?
Should I run a higher dose of Tren?
Should I run the Tren for 4 weeks instead of 6?
Should I inject Tren E every 3 days, or once a week?

Could I have some critical advice please.

Your chosen compounds dont make much sense. However I suppose that living where you do that may be all that you have access to.

Have you used tren before? Ran a cycle before? If the answer to both of them is no then I would drop the tren altogether and bump the prop to 150mg EOD for 525mg/wk or 175mg EOD for 612.5mg/wk.

Tren enathate is run for longer periods as compared to the acetate typically. I would stop it 3 weeks prior to finishing off whatever test you run with it.

How do you plan to take your nolva/clomid and where is the adex?

Thanks for the advice mate.

Yep I’m running the prop and tren E because it is bloody hard to get legit gear in Aus, I only trust one source who is a good friend. Adex I should be able to get it I’m waiting on it, if I can, how should I run it?

No this is not my first cycle, I have previously run prop 500mg/week for 6 weeks,
here is a link about my cycle results.

Ok, so lets say I stop the Tren E 3 weeks before the Prop, should I go:
6 weeks Tren E @ 300mgs a week.
9 weeks Prop @ 400mgs a week.

PCT I’m a bit confused, I was thinking test taper, but if i run the prop for 3 weeks extra (i assume the Tren E will have completed its life cycle.) so then I get hit PCT in a few days (as you normally would with prop) or do I wait more (as you do with Enanthate) I was thinking Novla 40/30/20/10

Thanks mate.

O/T: Beautiful dogs mate.

If you go with 1.5 cc of prop EOD you will be at 525mg/wk and then use 150mg of the tren E twice a week then you should be all set.

If it were me I would personally bump the doses a bit and complete the whole cycle in 8 weeks instead of 9. Higher dosage/shorter cycle than the normal 10-12 weeks.

With tren done in the end of week 6 and just the prop for the following two. From there run 30mg/EOD of prop for 3-4 weeks (around 100mg/wk and tapering adex down during this period to prevent estro rebound) followed by 3 weeks of nolva at 20mg/day.

Im almost done the nolva portion of what im suggesting and it seems to have worked very week for myself with more or less just about 10lbs of water dropping off in the first couple weeks at 100mg/wk.