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Test P and Test E cycle

After a long time I will be getting back on a testosterone regimen. Here is what i have: (From reviews of others using the brand i have) - it seems that the Test might be under dosed)

3 x 10Ml Test enth @ 350 Mcg/ML
1 X 10Ml Test Prop @ 150 Mcg/ML
1 X 100 Tamoxifen Citrate @ 10 Mg
1 X 100 Clenbuterol @ 20 Mcg

Total - 12 Week cycle with 4 Month PCT

My plan is to front load with prop at 1cc for 3 weeks EOD (Mon , Wed, Fri, Sun). ( I’ll run 2ccs short for my last 2 shots of Prop but i’ll continue Enanthate.

The Enanthate will be 2 x week at 1cc for all 12 weeks including the 3 weeks of prop - (Mon, Fri)

The Tamoxifen is for 4 week PCT at 40 Mg ED for 2 weeks and down to 20 Mg for the last 2 weeks.

I’ll use the clen sometime after my cycle if I need it

If anyone has a better sequence or a more effective way to stack this please let me know.