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Test P/Anavar Short Cycle


Hey guys.

Stats: 5'8, 170lbs, bf 14-15%. 25 years old, been training hard since I was 18. I just got out of a natty bulking cycle which got me around 176-177lbs and have cut back down to 170. My training is spot on, I have been focusing on hyperthropy which seems to be what my body responds to and my diet is pretty spot on (eating every 2-3 hours healthy meals cutting out carbs after 6pm). This will be my first AAS cycle.

Currently on HGH Fragments to help lean out some stubborn baby fat, and it has been working wonders.

Just wondering what you guys think of following 6 week cycle:

wk 1-6 - 500mg test p, either injected M W F, or M TR.
wk 1-6 50mg anavar ed.
wk 1-6 arimidex 0.25 eod adjust as needed
wk 7-10 nolva 40/40/20/20
wk 7-10 clomid 100/100/50/50
Will be running HGH frag 176-191 throughout cycle at 1iu/day, possibly upping to 2ui on week 3.

My plan isn't to get HUGE. It's to pick up some keepable lean mass. Anything you guys see out of ordinary or any tweaks you can think of will be much appreciated. Mostly does PCT seem adequate for a short cycle? Also comments on injecting M W F vs M TR.

Thanks again guys for any comments.


looks alright to me. You'll have more fun if you double the anavar


Looks fine as Yogi said except prop needs pinned EOD although I do smaller doses ED when running prop. (I like my levels to be as stable as possible) If you do M TH you'll make a mess of yourself. Levels won't be stable and estrogen will be uncontrollable.


Just to get the technicality out of the way (and sorry for my noobishness) if I were to pin EOD I would start pinning M W F then move to Sun T TH Sat etc? Or would I just stay pinning M W F.

I have heard ED pinning on prop but I'm not a big fan of needles.


M, W, F, Su, T, Th, Sa,....... repeat. It has such a short half life that if you don't do this your test levels will be like a roller coaster. Stability is key which is why I said I do 1/2 the dose daily with prop. EOD will be fine though.


Hey guys, due to some unfortunate circumstances I have just figured out that for work I will have to be traveling on my 2nd week of cycle if I start when I wanted to (next monday). I will be gone from a Thursday to a Monday, out of country (i do not live in the US) and I will have no access to my gear... Apart from that it is business and lots of drinking partying is mandatory.

I also have to travel late Jan (19-20ish) with same situation no access to gear and drinking/partying involved.

So my idea is would this cycle work for a 4 week period when I get back between Dec and my Jan trip be effective or would the smartest thing to do be wait until I get back from my second trip and run the 6 week cycle. I am very anxious to get on gear I just want to make sure I do it right and don't get 5 days off especially using P and being forced to drink large amounts of alcohol.


This is the time to be patient. I understand the eagerness but if you are going to run a cycle, do it right. Devote yourself to getting the most out of it and doing it the safest way possible. No drinking or drugs. Especially drinking on an oral. Take your doses religiously. Hit the gym, get lots of rest, and eat properly. You want the most out of this that you can attain. Your schedule and and the partying will severely hinder your gains and could be dangerous to your liver if you are mixing orals and alcohol. Both of these things tax your liver doing them together is a bad idea. I wouldn't run 4 weeks either. Even 6 is pretty short. Wait till you can TRULY run a cycle and you'll be happy that you did it the right way.


I was thinking the same thing eatmorefood. Thanks for the reassurance. Guess I'll just postpone running it until I get back in January. Depending on results/gains might just throw on 2 more weeks to cycle and do the 8 week.

Again I appreciate all the help and feedback you guys have had given me!


You'll be happy you waited. I'd honestly go 10-12 weeks if you have that kind of time between travel. You could gain some pretty serious mass with a 12 week cycle 1-1.5 lbs per week that you can keep 90% of or more (given you keep eating and training properly) isn't unheard of for a first cycle. Your first cycle is almost always your best growth potential so you should really try to maximize it. Good luck all around and good decision waiting.

P.S. Many people who take this seriously don't drink at all or very little. I know there are professions where it's expected to go out with clients and party (especially if you live in the U.K.). Alcohol does a plethora of things to your body that directly contradict your goals. Not trying to preach, just recommending that if you want to gain mass and stay lean alcohol is something is something that at the very least you should limit. I go out the bar with friends and they laugh at me while I drink milk.


Trust me.. I know how bad alcohol is for me and my body. I have never really been able to advance a lot in bodybuilding/aesthetic because I do drink a lot and it has a lot to do with work.... Making a good living > bodybuilding.

But I have convinced myself that when I cycle I will --NOT-- drink alcohol at all. I know if I throw in a b6 complex my liver will be fine but fuck getting my ass/delts pinned every other day to gain nothing because I outdrink my gains.

One other thing, would running EQ on this cycle be beneficial? I have a buddy who is an ifbb champion and told me to run EQ with this cycle but I am not the type of person to want to run 3-4 different types of substances...


First cycle. Don't do any more than what you have planned. If you have adverse reactions to something you need to know what it is. Anavar is mild so I quite doubt you'll have issues with that or test. Adding other things is not a good idea though. Do a couple of simple cycles then talk about adding another compound.

In fact if I were you I may even drop the var. it sounds like you do too much drinking and it would be good to give your liver a break. I'd get some milk thistle too if I were you. Good stuff your liver. Also helps with cholesterol which can also be a problem on cycle for some people.


Well here's a question I got about this cycle. I've been looking at my schedule from here to a couple months and it seems I don't have any 6 weeks at home without some type of 5+ day trip in between.

What would a 4 week test-p/anavar cycle with upped dosages give?

I was thinking something like:

200mg test p EOD for 4 weeks
50mg anavar week 1, then up 75 and then end at 100.

I had mentioned EQ because I have free eq. I didn't buy the gear but I have it in my posession and it was free so I thought i'd throw it in at 400mg a wk but doubt it would do much if I run a short 4 week cycle...?

I have read a bit on 4 week cycles and I know it's not the norm but with the increased dosage do you think I could see any real gains? I've read people running 500mg of test p on 6 week cycles gaining 20lbs+ (obviously you don't keep all), so what would 800mg/wk 600/wk cycle look like -- average 700mg/wk. Or would it be smarter just to run the 150 EOD 525mg/wk?


EQ is not worth running unless its an absolute minimum of 10 weeks. Ideally 12.

How long is the longest trip you will be away for? You may just be able to get away running something like Test Cyp / Eq because of the longer ester length, but I'm unsure i havent done anything like this i have only read very briefly on it, some of the vets might be able to help you out there.


I stand by my original response. Wait till you can run a real cycle. What will this give you? A mostly wasted opportunity and a desire to run a real cycle.

Test P would be better for the 4 weeks but you'd get so much more out of a real cycle.

Question, what kind of work do you do? This may sound strange but could you drink alcohol free beer? We have it in the states. I know it's fun to go get hammered with the guys but AAS is a commitment I'm not sure you are ready for. I go out with the guys and they laugh when I drink only milk or water at the bar but this is a commitment that I've made to eat clean, not drink, and generally take good care of myself. My friends have gotten used to it. They've also stopped laughing as I've outgrown all of them. I will have a beer or some whiskey (I love scotch) when not on cycle. Even then though, I don't drink excessively. A drink or two once or twice a week at the most. This only applies when I'm not on cycle or PCT. I put enough things into my body during cycle and PCT. I don't think that alcohol needs to be added to the mix.


I completely understand you, though I wasn't saying I couldn't run a full cycle because of alcohol, I was stating because I would not have my gear when I travel.

For example my upcoming trip next week I would leave on a Thursday and come back on a Monday, with no access to any gear. If this were the case in the future would injecting myself with test-e early thursday morning be beneficial, then when I get back on monday continue with my test-p? I'm sure I could probably take the orals along with me but no way I would try to take a vial of test-p on an international flight.




No alcohol on the trip? Then run a long ester E/C you can pin them 3-4 days apart and stable. M morning TH night is fine or vice-versa. If you run something like that you could get a proper cycle and take your trips. Make sure to workout as much as you can on the trip.

Yogi is expressing the same sentiment though. Do it right or don't do it all.


Hey guys,

I have pretty much held off from doing anything until I see a clean solid window where I can do this seriously.

That being said on Jan. 2 I will start a cycle. I have had a break in traveling/drinking/bad lifestyle and have about 2-3 months where I won't have to travel so I will have access to all my gear.

That being said....

I have gotten a ton of free gear from my pharm buddy and wanted you guys opinion on tailoring this cycle a bit.... Note the only reason I have included dbol and EQ is because I was given 300 dbol 10mg pills and a 100ml EQ vial free. I have read about dbol/anavar synergy but I also see as many people denying it as supporting it. I also have a doctor on hand with bloods who will actually be monitoring me throughout the cycle with monthly blood works and weekly checkups. (Yeah I am a little extreme but money isn't a factor and health is the most important thing for me).

I was thinking:

wk 1-10 - 150mg test-P EOD
wk 1-4 - 30mg dbol ed.
wk 5-10 50mg anavar ed.
wk 1-10 - 400mg EQ weekly.
Arimidex on hand if needed.
wk 11-14 nolva 40/40/20/20
wk 11-14 clomid 100/100/50/50


And your goal is to not get too HUGEEE?


Use to be my goal, now it really doesn't matter.