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Test P 1st Cycle Going Well


Hey! I’m currently on my first cycle and wanted to document and possibly discuss my experience instead of just reading past posts.

I am 3 weeks in into my 6 week cycle using Test Propinate eod 100mg.

My stats are 25, 170, 6’0 and I am already seeing great gains in size and strength. I’m currently at 183 lbs.

I am using arimidex .25 ml eod and having no side effects that are super visible.

Main issue is the pip. Damn does it hurt… but always goes away after two days in each spot.

Did anyone notice feeling thicker in terms of definition due to water rention. My abs are not very defined.

Also, for PCT I’m using Nolvadex and I’m doing 40/30/20/10 and just wanted to know how many days should pass until I begin.