Test/Oxandrolone/Peptides/HCG/Anastrozole Bloodwork After 2 Months

Hi All - beginning of October I started this:

400mg T injected once a week on Sunday
25mg Oxandrolone Mon-Friday
Nightly injection of Semorelin + Ipamorelin
0.125mg daily Anastrozole Sun-Wednesday
I re-started HCG twice a week 2 weeks before this test
6 Capsules daily of Vascepa (pharma grade fish oil)

Are the results below looking good if I go 20 weeks on this cycle, instead of 12?

Are the results below looking good if I go 20 weeks on this cycle, instead of 12?

All gear is from pharma.

Don’t see why not, however I wouldn’t generally recommend 20 weeks of an oral

Ok but why? There are two more days of the week and during those days you are in fact alive and growing/recovering.

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Would you agree that for my regime (oral for 2 months, 400mg T a week, etc.) the numbers are looking okay? I would expect worse with the Cholesterol, especially with an oral, but the weekends off and Vascepa omega 3 supplement may have helped.

OR are my numbers pretty much average/expect for this type of cycle?

I would have as well. I would drop the oral after the first period if it were me and o lay consider extending the test.

Numbers look fine. Vascepa is I’m hoping covered by insurance, otherwise it’s just very expensive fish oil.

I’m paying $100/month. It’s worth it for being pharma grade fish oil…supplements are not regulated in any way.

If you knew more about the company that sells it and the hilariously bad design of the study…guh.

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Share it so I can see. I use the generic brand. Also I’m almost certain it’s helped my numbers with Cholesterol. Share the study bro.

Here’s a simple synopsis of the concerns with the trial design: https://www.fiercepharma.com/marketing/amarin-s-vascepa-cuts-heart-risks-key-trial-but-placebo-noise-fuels-controversy

I’ve followed the company for years and they have taken more liberties with their studies and their public statements than any other company in the biotech/pharma space. The drug works, but it’s a matter of how much it’s actually doing when cost is factored in.