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Test or GH?

31 years old 5’10" 157. I’ve done two cycles over three years. Ethenate (sp?), Deca, Sust (mixed 'em up). Gained about 8 - 10 lbs each time. All i hear now is talk about the GH. Are the gains the same? I hear there’s like zero side effects. If you could get either one which would you chose? I’m very happy with the Tests, but if GH is better i’ll do that. thanks.

The general opinion of t-mag seems to be that for the price, GH sucks. Most say it’s only good when stacked with roids. In the Lee Priest interview, he said it was worthless. I think John Berardi once said that if Biotest sold it as a supplement, most people would return it. I’d stick to roids.

I agree with TEK. If Test has worked well for you, why try something that is 5 times more expensive. Most people that I knew who used GH really got no results. Especially for th 3000 bucks they spent on it. Just think about how much deca and test you could get for that price.