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Doc only gave me a scipt for 1 ml of 100 mg test a week I am 51 yrs old total test was 323 and free was 1.7 . Libido is bad and very tired . Been training with weights for a few years and I am a fighter . Talked to him about estrogen blockers and hcg and he said no .

Seen company's that say they sell as research chemicals only but are they scams like the ones that say they can sell test without scrip .. Yes I am a newbie .. But I have been reading a lot and trying to learn what is best for me and my body at my age ..



Wait for the next set of bloodwork. If you just got the prescription you don't know how much your E2 will be elevated, so you won't be able to know how much (of if you even need) of an AI.

Let baselines be established, then treat issues.

This would be better in the TRT forum, not the Steroid forum. Those guys will know more about TRT....



Agree with Big Skwatta...though if your Free T is that low (what was the range?) you may have seriously high SHBG and E2 along with Low Free T, which is inhibiting your Free T even further. In this case you would likely need an AI such as arimidex or aromasin.

Mileage varies with research chems. There are some good ones out there and some scams.

Post your bloodwork when you get it done and lets have a look. Read the Bloodwork sticky to determine which ones you need.


Blood work is in ... I will try to be as accurate as possible ...estrone ,serum is 126 h pg/ ml range is 12-72 .... Estradiol 38.4 pg/ml range is 7.6-42.6 ... Lh 0.1l miu /ml. ...fsh 0.2 l miu/ml ... Lh range is 1.7-8.6 fsh range is 1.5 -12.4 ...testosterone , serum is722 ng/ dl range 348-1197...free test is 15.1 Pg/ml range 7.2-24.0 ...pregnenolone , ms 10 ng/dl range 151 ... Dhea- sulfate 484.2h uh/dl range 44.3-331.0 ...cortisol 4.2 uh/dl range 2.3-19.4 ...cortisol am 6.2-19.4 cortisol pm 2.3-11.9 .... Igf-1 196 ng/ml 87- 238 ...vitamin d , 25 - hydroxy is 20.7 l ng/ml range 30.0- 100.0 ...Progesterone 1.6h-ng/ml range 0.2 -1.4 ...

This was done by lab core


were these tests before or after the T injections? Based on the low LH/FSH and the high normal Total Test, I believe it is after you started injecting. If so, how long between your last injection and the blood draw?

Also when was the blood drawn?

Did he run any tests for thyroid (like TSH)?

your Vitamin D is typical (which means it is horrible). You really should start on 6,000iu D3 daily.

what symptoms are you experiencing?


Started trt on oct 12 blood draw on12-5 at 4pm last injection was on 11-20 and cream on 11-23 and 11-25 was trying to make sure my numbers would not be to high ....tsh before trt was 1.39 symptoms are low libido , tired , mental fog,no morning erections etc .... Was put on pregnenolone and test cyp cream was from another dr also had a urine and saliva test for iodine and it was at 0 had been pinning 200 mg of test cyp e4d and cream 200 mg in between injections...


Bought some 5000 iu D 3 today and iodine ... What else are my numbers on the blood work above indicating ....


Do your not have a functioning Return key on your keyboard? That is very annoying to look through in paragraph format...

Your cortisol test is mostly useless since it was taken at 4 pm...you want bloodwork done in the morning (between 8-10 am)...

You got your blood taken on 5 December, but your last injection was on 20 November, with some gel sporadicaly sprinkled in there? Why? Why are you not on a proper protocol of injections no fewer than two times per week?

I have no idea what your protocol is...brain fog?

DHEA is high...if you are supplementing it (hopefully you are) you need to knock that in half


There is no real way to tell what is happening with a shot two weeks before plus cream.

you said last shot was 11/20 (blood test on 12/05), but then you said you did shots E4D - which is it?

you should get all blood tests at 8am if at all possible.

my only thought would be that you really need to get additional thyroid tests like TSH, FT4, FT3, and RT3.




First of all I am using my phone and it does not have a return key . Sorry to have annoyed you , it was not my intent . I was doing injections e4d till 11-20 and had stopped because when I went back for blood work I did not want my numbers to high and be taken off trt ... I was using the cream because I had it on hand and did not want to just throw it away . I thought I had made all that clear ... But I guess not .. TSH was 1.39 I had posted that as well .... mental fog ??? I have been having trouble remembering things losing my keys etc ...


Since you were not following a sensical protocol, there is nothing that can be gleaned from the sex hormone portion of your bloodwork...I don't know what to tell you...since you were at 700 15 days after a shot, you probably were taking too high of a dose to begin with...

Since you didn't get bloodwork done till 4 pm, your cortisol result is meaningless

Your DHEA is high...that's about all that bloodwork is useful for...I hope you didn't pay for it out of pocket


czchasta - yeah, sorry, but not much we can help with. starting shots/stopping shots/taking cream randomly makes it impossible to know what is impacting your system or what your next steps should be.

you should only change one single aspect of your treatment plan at a time otherwise it is impossible to really know what is going on.