Test Only vs Test/EQ, Gyno Prone

Hello everyone. I’m 32. 5’ 9” and 210 lbs. 15% bf currently. Been lifting for 15 years. Ive done three cycles 10-12 years ago. (Yes I jumped on gear at 20 after three years of lifting.) I ran Test/Dbol. Test/anadrol and Test/Deca. Great results. No issues. Pct’d fine. I have small gyno lump from puberty that gave me zero issues. Recently got on TRT with the intention to blast and cruise. Long story short, trt made my gyno flare up and I apparently aromatize like a little girl now. The doctor wasn’t very accommodating with nolvadex or an alternate AI, So I came off of it.

I’ve decided to just cycle on and off at this point, rather than manage e2 with 10s of mg’s of adex a week till I die. With my new found ability to aromatize like it’s my job, I’m needing help navigating this gyno/aromatizing problem that I didn’t have before. So, would I be better off running 250-500mg of test with letrozole as my AI for 12 weeks? Or test and EQ, since EQ acts as an AI for 16 weeks at 500/800? And keep adex or exemestane on hand if needed. Any help or suggestions appreciated. Thank you guys.

I forgot to add that, on my previous cycles,I didn’t need, nor used an AI.

I stupidly ran a few cycles when too young. Same as you… no issues. Tried it again when in my mid 30s and had all sorts of issues with compounds the previously were fine. Point being past precedent may not be a good benchmark. Also, what did your labs look like on TRT and what was your protocol?

Total test was 529. (348.00-1197 NG/dL) Free test was 9.4 (9.3-26.5pg/ml) E2 wasn’t tested. Protocol was 200mg/week test C, split into two doses a week. AI was .5mg adex on injection days. Dropped it down to 120mg/ week before I ran low on Adex and the doc was being hard to deal with on other AIs and nolva, and called it quits. Got my own nolva, adex and raloxifene

we cant know… for some - yes, for some - no… EQ does kill my e2 super fast and super strong - i need to take 4:1 test:eq to have super low e2 with no AI. But will it work the same for you? only your bloodwork will tell…
Just do it and do bloods every week. Simple.

You mention e2 and aromatization, but is your prolactin at all elevated? Do you have lab numbers to justify the Letro use?

I don’t have bloods for prolactin levels, so that can’t be ruled out. But I was thinking letro based on my e2 symptoms and lack of control of them with adex. I was taking a mg of adex a day for two weeks before my symptoms were improving. And that’s just on 200mg of test C.