Test Only For A First Cycle???

In my opinion prisoner 22 is the smartest fucking dude on this site when it comes to gear…he knows his shit and lives it also…i would definately listen to him…I do…big m

You’re missing the point, bro. Your body can gain only so much at one time

Yeah, but you expect me to believe that you want to put on 20-30 lbs of muscle in 6-8 weeks while you are making this statement then in the next breath say that our protocols are crazy. What’s next you asked? Nobody said you had to up the dosage to 2500mg. You pretty much stay around the gram a week area. THAT my freind is the comfort zone. I guess I might be a fucking loon because I have used 1200mg of test 50mg of dbol a day and 800mg a EQ. Get over being scared first OK then come back and see how you feel. Then your opinion will change. They always do.

I just read from Swale that doctors 30 years ago used to give up to 2g of test / month for anemia.

Prisoner22, 4% bf is amazing, period.

Good point about the athletes times too, they were not trying to gain any weight at all.

There are two studies that I know of where DHT was given to reduce prostate symptoms with success, i couldn’t believe it but its logical in a way.

As far as I see, the only problem with using alot of test, say 2000mg/week is the aromatization issues. BUT if you take enough anti-E this isn’t an issue so what’s to be scared of?

I’m gonna add one more thread to this post just to help support my fellow bros here, because P-22 is right…I might be wasting my time here too.

People come here for advice because they are looking for PERSONAL experiences, and not just textbook knowledge. Well, here it is, you got it from PLENTY of vets and experienced users. But it’s up to the individual to follow this advice or not.

MM, you ask the question of “What’s next?”, meaning how high in dosage would you need to go when you do another cycle. The answer is…you WOULDN’T DO another cycle since your goal is to only gain 15 solid lbs.

Another point, as ru12nvme made clear, was not to do AAS at all. To gain 15 lbs. really isn’t that hard. That sounds like a good solid 1-2 years of training to obtain that.

And on a personal note, there is that psychological addiction. I know when I want to gain “just 15 lbs.” a few years back. After my first cycle, I gained a good solid 20 lbs. You feel AMAZING and look even BETTER when you’re “on”. I could not WAIT to start another cycle. The feel of lifting heavy weights and seeing results was totally addicting.

I can almost guarantee you MM, this will NOT be you first and only cycle. Come back and let us know how ya feel after your cycle…

…better yet, come back in a coupla years when you’ve done 2 or 3 cycles and have experimented with higher dosages and frontloading. You’ll thank us all later. Good luck.