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Test Only First Cycle, PCT Help


Introduction: I'm a 21 year old bodybuilder, I've been lifting since I was 16 and I'm currently 224 pounds, 12% bodyfat. I've made great gains being natural, but I believe it's time to take this game to a new level, and so, I've decided to start cycling.

Cycle Proposition:

I first decided to go all out with my cycle. I created a Test, Deca and Trembolone 8-week plan, but since then I've read a lot and decided I'm better off with the basic stuff. So I decided to stick with Testosterone and experiment with newer compounds as I get more experienced.

So here is the my plan:

Week 1-8: Testosterone Enathate, 500 mg a week, 250 mg two days a week.
Week ?-?: PCT, Clomid and Nolvadex ( read bellow )

My problem lies with PCT, I don't know for how many weeks after the cycle should I start the PCT and I don't know the proper dosages for both anciliaries. I also have doubts about when should I take Arimidex to avoid gino and estrogen. Also, is HCG a must for PCT ? Were I live it's pretty hard to find test alone, stuff like HCG would be out of reach.

Sorry if I'm creating unnecessary threads. English is not my first language and I really got confused trying to read the sticky threads.


You clearly didn't read the stickies or any other cycle proposal threads.


Sorry friend, let me try to be clearer, here is the cycle plan, i was afraid to post it before and make a confusing post.

Cycle - 8 weeks:

Weeks 1 to 8: 500 mg/week, 250mg EoD
Weeks 1 to 4: 1 mg arimidex ED
Weeks 4 to 8: 0.5 mg arimidex ED

Week 9: OFF

Week 10 to 14: 0.25mg Nolva ED
Week 10 to 11: 200mcg Clomig ED
Week 11 to 12: 100mcg clomid ED
Week 12 to 13: 50mcg clomid ED
Week 13 to 14: 25mcg clomid ed

What I wanna know is if I got my planning right or if I totally messed it up.


You still haven't bothered to read any of the stickies- why is this? They are there for a reason and believe me when I say they will answer all your questions and more- probably even on the first page. There is EFFORT required on your end. For me personally, I would want to research it at least to verify what I'm being told by strangers online.

That being said, your adex dosage is way too high and your PCT is all fucked up. I don't know how or why you would dose Nolva at .25mg. Nolva or clomid- pick one. PCT is the same for probably 90% of the cycles people on this board are doing and about 99.9% the same for all first cycles (which is why I said you clearly haven't even looked at anybody's cycle proposal):

Nolva- 40/40/20/20


0.25mg for your Adex. HCG is not necessary, but nice to have. Not needed for PCT, use it during cycle.


I think your 8 week is going to go by pretty quick...

How tall are you?

12% body fat is supposedly one of the best places to be at to build muscle...

Your 21, while it is not the worst age to try the sauce you still could gain muscle naturally, especially if you ate/supplemented to make sure your hormones are staying 'strong', vitamins, minerals, creatine...

Me personally, 8 weeks is 'ok' but using test enenthate it will take a little while for it to kick in, and then a little while for it to leave.


That doesn't matter, you can be 6-7% bf and still build muscles like you got 15%,
it lies in the diet.