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Test Only Cycle

Hey all,
I’m looking at running a test only cycle. First, a little background on me:

34 y/o
8 years training history
15% bf

I’m considering doing a 10 week cycle of test prop @ 100mg ED. Then starting week 13 I’ll run nolva 2x daily for the first week, then ED for the rest of the PCT.

I’m considering this for a myriad of reasons. I’ve been feeling ‘funky’ for the last couple years… night sweats, general blah, lack of focus, lack of interest in things that I used to get pumped about, decreased libido, etc. I had bloodwork done and everything turned out fine. My total test was on the lower end of the healthy spectrum at 420, and my free test was also on the low end at 5.9.

Since they were technically healthy levels, my doc wouldn’t go down the TRT road.

I’d like to feel like my old self, and of course wouldn’t mind putting on a little more size at the same time. Since I’m just trying to get the old me back, I thought a test only cycle would get me where I want to go.

Flaws in my plan? Thoughts?

Thanks dudes!

Oh, and the reason I’m looking at prop instead of enth or cyp is to avoid some bloat. A bud of mine did a couple cycles with enth and he blew up like a water filled sausage balloon.

You probably dont need to wait 2 weeks to start PCT with Test Prop, but Im not sure about that.

You need AI and HCG.

Because it’s a short ester? Makes sense.

Is 100mg ED too much? Would I be better served EOD? Or something like 150 EOD?

I’ll look into Ai and HCG… I was wondering if those were necessary, I suppose I would like to keep my nuts.

AI and HCG are certainly necessary—I recommend everyone to use them on every cycle (certain exclusions to this rule, but not many).

700 mg/week is a bit higher than most first time cycles, but probably no harm. 500 mg/week is pretty standard, which you would hit at 150 mg EOD (525/week). Up to you really…

Yes less lag in PCT due to the short ester. I just don’t know how much. You want your levels to get down to at least below the 100 mg range in your bloodstream, otherwise you are wasting the first few days or so of your PCT since it can’t overcome the exogenous Test still in your system.

700mg a week is a man sized dose, and is higher than most first cycles but fuck it. You’ll get big.

3 days from last prop pin to start hCG

[quote]rds63799 wrote:
3 days from last prop pin to start hCG[/quote]

Did you mean ‘start PCT’ instead? HCG should be used from the beginning.

Also 3 days for PCT sounds like too short of time. How did you derive this number?

oh yeah, sorry I did mean PCT.

I’ve always heard 3 or 4 days then PCT for prop…

[quote]rds63799 wrote:
oh yeah, sorry I did mean PCT.

I’ve always heard 3 or 4 days then PCT for prop… [/quote]

That would depend on how much gear you are running…If you are running 1000 mg/week vs 500 mg/week, then you are going to need twice as long to wait before starting PCT in the former situation.

yeah that’s a fair point

So I read through the “Steroid Newbie” thread and FG had a post in there about short cycles. This might be more appropriate for me, given my goals.

2 weeks on, 4 weeks off. This would draw my cycle out considerably, allowing for slow/steady progress.

WK 1-2 Test Prop 50mg ED
WK 1-2 Adex .25 EOD
Wk 3-4 Nolva 20mg ED

A couple questions about this approach. Since I’m only “on” for a couple weeks, do I still need the HCG? And shouldn’t the Nolva be done a little later to let my t-level return to baseline? Say at weeks 4-5?