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Test Only Cycle With Zero Effects

Here is a million dollar question for you guys that know way more about the topic than I do.

Got diagnosed with low T at age 26. Was on test cyp trt for about two years and discontinued because I was no longer feeling or seeing the results despite upping my dose consistently. I’m 32 now and my test levels usually float around 350.

My quality of life was garbage and I became fed up with it so I’m now back in the gym and doing a test cycle. 500mg/wk of test cyp. At the end of my third week I was having all the effects, oily skin, night sweats, morning wood, just feeling continually better. Felt awesome last Friday. Woke up Saturday morning limp. No results or effects since then. Feeling literally 0 anything.

What gives?

Is it because my body remembers the test and is some how more tolerant to it? What could cause my testosterone to just climax and disappear? Would enanthate or proprionate serve me better? Would Masteron help? Why does my body insist on being such a little bitch…

Any help would greatly be appreciated. Just getting into this so there is still a lot I don’t know.

It could be a dozen things. Your choices are to draw labs and evaluate, lower dose and hope for resolution, or stop and PCT.

Might have needed a smaller dose. For every guy I see on here talking about symptom resolution at 150-200mg/wk there’s another to counter his finding that they feel better at 75-100mg a week. Everybody is different. If the standard cookie cutter protocols don’t work, take the time to experiment.

You could always start fairly low, stay for 6-8 weeks, then if nothing change the amount of days your pinning but keep the same weekly dose, then go up then change weekly pinning etc until you find what you like

Almost to the stable peak point, TT and e2 both pretty high at this point. DHT and prolactin possibly as well. I’d get labs for those and see what’s what. Go from there.

This. Well said.

OP, I’ve experienced what you’re talking about before. I feel much better(mood, ambition, libido) on low doses of Test than on higher doses.

Few and far between are the folks who can run high-dose Test and feel great beyond few weeks. More and more veteran users and coaches are recommending a Test base of 150-200, with the addition of other compounds based on goals, as opposed to just blasting Test into the sky.

Thanks for the responses fellas

I actually started out on 140mg/wk when I began trt. After a few months my numbers started falling from about 800. So my dr began to increase the dosage slowly. This continued over the course of two years and ended with a 440mg/wk and my last bloodwork on that dose revealed that my test was a little over 400. That’s when I decided to taper off and give up on test until now. 4 years later.

It’s not that I’m having a bad response to my high dose it’s that I’m having no response. At this point I plan to just finish this cycle then try a different ester on the next one with maybe some mast.

If that doesn’t work I’ll just donate my body to science. Should be a real Rubik’s cube for many endocrinologists

When was he drawing labs in regards to your last shot of T?

That lab was exactly one week after my last shot of 440mg

Labs were done every 3 months on trt. Those were my last numbers from 4 years ago when I discontinued trt. I know they sound unbelievable.

Have you tried taking a lot lower weekly dose broke into daily shots? Although I’ve never tested 400+mg 7 days later, I have done 200mg 7 days later and it was in the 2-300’s (total).

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This would be concerning lol. How did you dose the 440mg? Once a week?

Edit: do you know your SHBG and FT?

Yes that was once a week. It’s like I slowly built up a tolerance to testosterone. I don’t remember my free test numbers.

Like I said I’ll probably just try test prop EOD and mast on my next cycle. If that doesn’t produce any results then I guess I’ll just stick to what my genetics were meant to do… drink and play PlayStation

I was just curious if anyone else on the forum had ever experienced the testosterone “climax” that I did last week followed by the absence of any mid/high test side effects

Have you tried L-Carnitine to help sensitize the AR?

Have a brand you trust?

You said you’re back in the gym. What was your life hygiene like? Is it possible that no sports/poor sleep/poor diet model/stress etc made it lower even with exogenate T?

The kinetic of testosterone excretion are not susceptible to major changes, except for you taking inducers of UGTs. Are you taking other drugs like rifampicin simultaneously?

If no, then either your gear is bad or you have a naturally high metabolism of these drugs. There is no tolerance built up in the absence of specific other drugs.

Mine came from Empower, thru my clinic. 500mg/mL 30mL

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