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Test Only Cycle help

I will be running test250 in the following cycle

wks-4-12 750mgs

of course my pct will include clomid and an ai.

my question is this…which ai is better while on cycle? Adex or aromasin. And what dosages would be best? thanks for the help.

I prefer Aromasin for my TRT–Adex gave me libido issues. It also acts longer in the body.

For gram, you probably need at least 25 mg/week. Easiest would be to do 12.5 mg MWF for a total of 37.5

is there a such thing as overkill? would 12.5 ed be too much?

i have been lifting for about 10+ years. Im 5’11 and currently at 215. Not sure of body %. I just want to make sure my cycle is covered start to finish.

On a gram of test 12.5mg might not be enough. Everybody responds differently from AIs, some may need less and some may need more.

I concur with the aromasin/exemestane. Lab work is the only way to know what dosage is working for you. Also how you feel and libido can be somewhat of an indicator, but gotta have have labs.

Your mood and bloat are also indicators that something may be off. If you feel like a fat whiny bitch chanches are your e is to high.