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Test Only Cycle For Experienced User


I’ve done 3 cycles before and my last cycle was 6-7 months ago (500 sust+600primo). This time im thinking 500 or 750mg/week sustanon only cycle (financial issues) for mass Actually i want lean mass but i think sustanon not good for this purpose?? :slight_smile:
32 years old, 168 cm/5.5 feet, 80 kg/176 lbs, bf:%17-18
What do you think guys??? :slight_smile:


Lean mass is going to depend on your diet, brother.

Want to eat like shit but get ripped? 100mg tren/day for 6 weeks.

Want to take the alternative route, have a clean diet, stay healthier and have more cash in your pocket? Then yes, just run some test.

I’ve ran 1.5 grams of test E. I bumped it up to 2, but the estrogen was too much to handle, not even letro could manage it. I kept that dose for 8 weeks, and the gains were by far the best ive had. The best part was, I kept nearly all of it.

Apart from the expense of the AI, I believe I spent less than $200.


Thanks By the way, 750 mg/week can be enough for me???


750mg is definitely going to be a decent run - I’d probably go 250ml EOD if running test alone for 12-16 weeks. Start with Adex at 0.5mg EOD and increase if needed but obviously base the dose off your own experience.


Test only is a great cycle for many goals. Lean mass, as others have said will depend on diet, looking lean while on will be diet and estrogen control. I was my leanest on 750mg sust (250mg mwf) while being tight with my diet and adjusting my ai. The thing with sust is that the different esters compound so you almost need twice the AI 10 weeks in that you did at the beginning. I personally find Sust to hold less water than e or c, maybe it’s coincidence or maybe it’s not, but for as many who dislike it or say it’s extra wet there are an equal amount like me who like it. It’s a tapered run no matter how you try to dose it.


You’re too fat to cycle for mass. Try eating and training right.


true that, 17% body fat you will experience some estrogenic side affects. plus sustanon holds so much water… why not try a long ester test instead of a blend. enenthate? propionate? cypionate?


Like a few of the guys said, 17% is pretty high to worry about training for mass. Test can be used for pretty much anything as far as bulking/cutting. With that being said, you might want to focus on making sure your diet and training are squared away. If they are on point your BF% should be dropping. You might wanna consider something besides sustanon. Test E works great for me and I only have to inject it twice a week because it is a LE compound. People react different to compounds. I didn’t see much water retention with Test E. I haven’t used Sustanon because I’ve heard from people, that know their stuff, that Sustanon can cause alot of water retention. Yes, the different esters peak at different times, but maybe you wanna run just one type of LE to see how it works.


I’m amazed out how many guys come in here with a completely average body type, and then talk about how they’ve run multiple cycles to achieve that. Seems to be most prominent with non-Americans. It’s just fucking depressing. And then they come in here asking absolutely BASIC questions, coupled with gross misconceptions about what very standard compounds do and don’t do. Sometimes I think the knowledge presented in this section is actually worse than the beginner section. Seriously OP. You did a fucking GRAM of gear and you ended up chubby and small.

Anyway. Obviously I have no desire to help here.

EDIT: I just realized the title of this thread is ‘Test Only Cycle For Experienced User’



haha “Experienced User”.


Thanks for everybody who helped me.
Guys, everybody is reacts different right? and im not a “full time” steroid user like you (when i say “experienced”, i wanted to say i did cycles before), bcs of that i am asking this BASIC questions, bcs I want to make it right “for me” Thanks


If you want to make it “right for you” then my comments are as follows:

Attaining this physique should not have required the use of anabolic steroids, which suggests that your training and/or diet is suboptimal. Combine that with this:

…and I think we land on the final answer of “stop fucking around with steroids, post a thread in the Bigger/Stronger/Leaner section and figure out what’s wrong with your diet and training, and save your money to purchase more and/or better-quality food.”


your stats do tell all OP. That’s an awful lot of test to be messing around with at your current bf%. Your just asking for e2 related sides. Listen to the above advise. Get diet and training in check, lower bf natty first. Then come back and talk aBOUT running a good “first time” test run. Something like 500mg/wk. But since u asked, your really playing with fire if u go with your proposed dose with your current stats. Back to basics before u hurt yourself.