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Test Only Blasts

after reading up on how the appetite from boldenone causes long term gastric issues and the 3 separate mechanisms that cause deca dick I’m honestly only left with testosterone in terms of ““feeling”” safer.
for my first blast I did 400mg test E and gained 20lbs in 9 weeks. now for those here who have experience on this,I do really wonder, if you can just keep blasting test (not continuously,I just mean using just test for every blast) and gain similiar results first few times?
I’m thinking of a 12 week 600mg test e blast for my second blast and maybe add 50mg dbol for the last 6-8 weeks to try and break the myostatin rise plateau which is around 8th week of high AAS induced anabolic activity.

50mg of DBol got 6-8 weeks is a pretty hefty dose and duration. 30mg for 5 weeks would probably be plenty, especially for the first blast or two using it.

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Yes. Testosterone can be used solo each and every time without ever changing to another AAS.
You do not need to add Dbol, nor increase the Test. dosage for subsequent cycles. Diet and training are all that needs to be on point to make progression.

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I can only get 50mg pills unfortunately. what should I run for liver support? my alt ast levels were single digits last time I checked so I figured I could take it but I guess not.
should I just take 25mg before a workout once a day ? other than that I don’t really know how to split these tiny ass pills further. I can also get pharma grade anadrol but those are 50mg too and not to mention how taxing they are from what I heard left and right.

that’s great to hear. I’ve been really indecisive about maximizing my second blast without maximizing harm also. however I would at least like to try dbol once. everything I hear about it is just so positive. the strength the size the feeling it gives. especially the fact that it was solely made for athlete doping. I’m thinking about anavar too but I somehow believe holding water in my muscles will be helpful. never really minded the water retention on test either


Over time you will need to increase your test dose. With your logic the pro’s could always stay on 500mg test and continue to make gains just by increasing calories.

OP, you will plateau and when you stop gaining, increase calories first before doses. Depending on your goals, eventually you’ll have to use other compounds or increase test dose (I’d choose the former).


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pros are trying to go over insane levels which is not what I’m doing so İ don’t see why İ shouldn’t gain on suprapyshiological doses of AAS .bthe reason you stop or slow down growing after some point in the cycle is not because androgen downregulation either, in fact they upregulate. myostatin is what’s slowing it down or stopping it. I mean sure I’ll up the dose and add dbol but that’s only because I’m kinda addicted, curious and want to gain even more than I did last time lol.

this part I think is underrated because people always look to their cycle before they look to their diet and training. missing out on gains they could make on less of a dose and applying more oxidative stress on their body

90% of the males that cycle will never reach the muscle mass of the pros. So, the same dosage can indeed be used for subsequent cycles to continue progression.

I would never add any oral except anavar.
Proviron is honestly useless…
Boldenone is the better bulking choice.

Just my two cents. People take more than they need. Using test only cycles makes sense to me for at least a couple cycles (I used var my first, so yes I am a hypocrite). Next cycle is going to be test only at 5-600 mg a week. After a while, I think just upping test comes with too many sides (I am not sure how many people actually get to this point). I have heard 750 mg/wk is quite a bit more effective compared to 500 (I have heard after 1000 mg many say use a different compound with test).

I might just keep the test at 400 and add var because of all this ungodly acne… don’t want to use acutane for them either because I hear it thins your hair or something. would run var at 20mg for 2 months tho ( pharma grade) unless if dbol isn’t as androgenic as people say it is because I’m more tempted to run dbol.

yeah I honestly felt fucking nothing on 100mg proviron. got it from the pharmacy too.

Var did not do much for me. I ran 50 mg for 7 weeks at the end of the cycle. It lowered my libido I think (seems the most likely as I had the test up for 6 weeks previously). I might have had questionable quality var?

Dbol is much more anabolic than androgenic (at least if you go by the AAS ratios which is something like 300:60).

how much of a history do you have with AAS and orals of them? if you’ve been using for a long time maybe that might have had an effect. there WAS a time when I got bunk dbol and didn’t feel a damn thing on 100mg for 2 weeks (started on 30 and kept moving up after the first week because nothing was happening) on my first blast. not a single thing.

I have been on TRT for over a year, and just finished my first blast. I got the Var from a friend, he thought it was real, and didn’t want it because of BP issues. He was also on 600 test, 400 Deca, and 600 EQ at the time, so I am not sure if his high BP was due to the Var or not.

I did not get much out of the cycle TBH. I did switch to UGL test, and did get some acne and higher libido (until I was a few weeks into the Var, but that could have also been test building up causing libido to drop?). I think the UGL test at least had some test in it, but might have been under dosed.

I honestly hope the gear was under dosed or with the var, maybe not real. I did get some gains, but nothing like I was expecting, and I was trying to eat like a horse.

Anavar is mostly faked, it’s not cheap. You shouldn’t feel hungry on var, you should feel that it’s damn hard to eat. You definitely got fake stuff.