Test on a Cutting Cycle

I was thinking about running 300-400mg of Test a week with .5 Armidex EOD. Anyone ever used Test for a cutting Cycle? It’s alot cheaper than Masteron and I don’t really want to mess with Tren. I figure the AI should offset any estrogen issues.

It’s possible, when I run test alone I seem to lean up a bit and stay pretty lean even while gaining weight and eating 5000+ calories a day

back in the day before all of the options we have now high test was usually in a contest prep cycle. ofcoarse u can use it. there are no steroids that will actually increase fat gain as far as i know just some dry and some wetter. some cause more glycogen retention others less

Well, if you get real tren, there is really no reason to be afraid to “mess” with it.

I did tren ace/ test prop for my first cycle and it went very smoothly.

But test + winstrol would be a solid cutting cycle if you don’t think that you can acquire tren ace (or perhaps you simply don’t want to).